Sunday, March 23, 2008


Few of my friends were asking me why no more update in my blog.

"No happening?"

"Too busy?"

"Too lazy, is it?"

Well, I think all the above plays a part. Life has been quite busy in my last (2nd) semester as we have to complete our study and assignments within three months. Beside, examination was near to CNY, so all 'happening' in life have to put a stop first.

Then after a few years of hesitating, I finally make an effort to go for my driving lesson. And ha ha, the driving fee is getting higher each year. Just the same year 2007, my niece paid for $70 per session (100mins) and now I have to pay for $80 (120mins). But what to do :(

And with the blink of an eye, three months gone. Wow it's really like I miss out sharing a lot of things too.

Hmmm, I ought to start to take more photos again and update as often as I can. Hee hee.