Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another New Year

I am not those kind of "New Year Resolution" person. I do not list down my new wishes, guess I do have a lot of wishes throughout the year anyway.

Everyone in the world knows that Year 2009 is going to be quite a challenge year for us. With the economic running down, it will slow down most of our dreams.

Of course it does. You can't simply quit your job now, unless you get new job. You can't simply sign on any package for bascially everything, unless you are ready for the increasement of the monthly instalment. Most of us will save for the rainy days, so is this consider rainy days when the monthly income is at the risk now.

But no matter how bad the situation is, we have to think and act positive to overcome this. After all, interesting life comes from different experience in lives.

Hope everyone up there a "Interesting and Fulfillment Year".