Monday, January 29, 2007

For My Brazilian Friend To Find Out Chinese Zodic

Chinese New Year or called “Spring festival” is round the corner and suddenly my memory calls out that my Brazilian friends ever asked me about the Chinese Zodiac.

So, just a click to find out which animal you fall on your birthday year.

Weekend For Tiny "Make-Over"

Life is always busy in Singapore. And now when I am back home, there are so many things for me to do.

I went for my hair rebounding on Sat, look much better and I like it so much. Then went to Karaoke with my friend, singing all old songs cos I had lost track of the new one. Hee hee.

On Sunday I went for facial treatment, costs me a bomb when signing for the package. But it can last me for more than two years if I attend only once course each month. Well, we can’t stop our age to increase each year. But with the technology today, we can slow down our aging surface with more than just egg white applying on our face and cucumber on eyes etc.

I reach home around 10pm and suddenly I realize the weekend is so short. It really makes a great difference to work on Sat, even though it is half the day. Now, I miss those days when working for five days.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ten Reasons To Eat More Like A Vegetarian

Thanks to Zeezee for sharing this link with me. So now I am sharing with you too (See, sometime sharing like this can show more love, isn't that nice. Hmmmm at least she still remember me, haha!)

1) Cancer
2) Heart Disease
3) Stoke
4) Diverticulosis & Constipation
5) Other diseases
6) Safer food
7) The environment
8) Cost
9) Animal welfare
10) Taste
............................. Go to the website for more details

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vivo City - Latest IN Shopping Mall

Finally went to Vivo City with my colleagues for dinner and drop by a while at St James Power Station. But due to my backache, I left no choie but to go home early, leaving the crowd behind to enjoy the fun. What a luck!
Vivo City
Saw this Carnivore Churrscaria Restuarant, remind of my Brazilian friends.

We had our dinner at this DIAN XIAO ER resturant

Hee hee, and of course our dessert at Swensens Resturant

And not forgetting of the beautiful view of SENTOSA Island (opposite of Vivo)

The Culprit of My Shoe Biter

Oops I forget to show you the true of the culprit.........actually Gigi belongs to my niece's friend's dog. The one behind her is Sparling, my niece's baby.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Good Appetiting Food and My Poor Shoe

Look at my dinner dishes, which having with my family.

My vegetarian fish bee hoo soup, vege bee goreng, vege satay and vegetable. Wow see the huge variety I can choose from in Singapore.

But I was so sad to see my poor shoe being biten by Gigi (my neice's little doggie). This was one of the most expensive pair which bought from Brasil. Now no choice but have to throw it away..........

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Home Cooked Meal

My day end with simple but all are my favourite home cooked dishes (by my sister). Hmmm yummy. This is what I had been missing when I was in Brazil and now, I can appreciate them often.

My LV Bag

As per requested to show my 'own-self reward', here is my LV bag bought from Paris.

Monday, January 22, 2007

1st Day At Work

It’s only been two years away from work place in SG but seems like more than that. So many changes and new faces around me, I feel like in a total new environment. But with all these, it is going to be a new challenge for me.

Hopefully I can handle it well and continue to learn more things in daily life.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Our flight return to SG

Each time I went to and from Rio, I will have to transit in Paris for a day (arrive in the morning and wait till mid-nite forthe next flight). Obviously this will be my last transit in Paris since I am not returning back to Rio (not for the time being).
We reached the France airport around 8.10am and went through the custom as usual in order to get some rest in the hotel. Jimmy was 'caught' by the custom and I waited for him for almost 1hour, not knowing what's going on. Begin to worry for him and at the same time, not knowing what I should do if....... Luckily he was out when my worry became eager, he told me cos he is holding the latest design of our Singapore passport (with hard cover) and the custom officers had never come across (?????? well, all kind of reasons given for that).
Then we went to Champs-Elysees in the afternoon after a small break in the hotel. Little drops of rain but did not stop us from shopping, hee hee or maybe it's me tat did not stop from to buy LV bag which I been wanted to buy one as a reward for myself over the years. We went for lunch at this high cost environment which cost both of us Euro 51.00. Took some PHOTOS even thought it's raining. I bought myself one LV bag & wallet, ha ha so happy with it.
Jimmy's adventure did not end in the morning (which I thought normally only when you enter that country). When we board onto the plane, I waited for him for almost 20mins, again not knowing what's going on. Then he said he was being asked "How much did you carry in cash", "Why...." etc. Sigh, what a day for him.

But most importantly is we reach home safely and I even got a bowl of bean curd in Singapore airport before returning home.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Day To 'Fly'

Happily but sad too, I will be flying back to Singapore today. I am glad that I will be taking Air France for the last time (in fact it will be two flight), at least in the short term. Just simply never like their service, or perhaps I am not lucky enough to get good service from them.

But my friends in Brazil, I will definitely miss all of you.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Weep Weep Good-Bye

Today is my last working day in Brazil and I am setting off to my hometown tomorrow.

My colleagues asked me "So how do you feel now?".

"My dear friends, saying good-bye is never easy although it didnt take much of energy and tears to do so. I am really happy to go home but feel real sad to leave everyone here, the most friendly and helpful place I ever had. Lucky thing is that I can bring these wonderful memories with me, to continue my journey stronger and in better person (from what I had learnt here)"

My email wrote to all my friend here

Thank you very much for all the farewell breakfast and the wonderful gift, I love it so much.

MUITO ORIGADA!!!! May all these PHOTOS in your heart too.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ipanema Sunda Market - My Last Visit

Wanted to buy something for myself, so I asked Zeon, Jimmy and Edward to join me for my last visit of Ipanema in Brazil. We went for Pizza at Zona Sul which Edward highly recommended their pizza is nice. Took some simple PHOTOS during our lunch time.

Then we went to Carrefour to buy some coffee powder. I remembered when I first arrived Rio, CK and Dawn bought me to the same Carrefour, even before I reach my apartment. Maybe just one big circle to end my journey in Brazil by going back to the place where I first started with.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Last Weekend at Penedo

I spent my last weekend at Penedo with my SG colleagues. Drove two and half hours from Niteroi for lunch, which they claimed to have good trout at one of the restaurant there. Of course I had my usual vegetarian pasta, no special treatment given, hee hee.
As it was raining so we didn’t take a lots of PHOTOS.

Embarrassed Careless Mistake

I am overjoyed when I heard from my colleague that our colleagues in Singapore are getting married. So I decided to send them my blessing by email since I am away from homeland. When I told Zeon about this good news, I realized I had made a terrible careless mistake. My God! I had sent to the wrong ‘groom’ by clicking the wrong name.

Embarrasses and unforgiving of my mistake, I send another email to right my wrong. But I can feel my face is so red and burning, and hope the Bride and Groom can receive my sincere blessing with this little ‘joke’ created unintentionally.

Quoted: "Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and they blossom when we love the one we married."

Friday, January 12, 2007

Global Change of Weather

We know everything from what we can see changes every minute, from our own self to the environment we are close with.

The weather had never been like this globally, raining a lot for the whole day, flooding here and there and spring in the winter etc. We went through all these everyday but how many of us really worry about what's happenning?

Recently there was a report by Associated Press written "A giant ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields has snapped free from Canada's Arctic, scientists said." and what upset and scare me is "What surprised us was how quickly it happened," Copland said. "It's pretty alarming. " CLICK TO READ FULL STORY.

It is happenning too fast. I think a little thing I should be doing RIGHT NOW is to TAKE ACTION.

Mixture Feelings

My return date is near the corner, I feel happy but realized I am getting more and more nervous at the same time. I have been looking forward this day to come as I have so much to do back home.
Now my heart beats faster as each minute passed. I am not stress, but having to ‘refresh’ my life which I suppose to get used with; I guess my feelings are mixing here and there.

My god! A new start in the familiar environment is not an easy start after all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy or Sad - You Chose It!

I just heard from my sister that one of her friends has passed away due to DEPRESSION.

Life is full of ups and downs, we feel happy and sad at times but the strange thing is, somehow only the sadness and not happiness will keep following us. We don’t remember those happiness things as easy as the sadness. When something bad happened to us, we began to feel how sad we are, and this is how we fall into the trap of depression.

DEPRESSION is an illness and we need to cure it before it kills us. I heard and saw a lot of stories that turned one happy person into major depressive disorder. It hurts me when seeing my friend being so sad and unhappy, that’s why I always try my best to be a good listener and to console anyone who need help, knowing that it might not help much but this is the least thing I can do.

So my friend, no matter what bad things should happen, pls remember that it will not lasts forever, unless you want it to follows like your shadow. The sun will rise after the dark, and only when you learn to LET GO, you will live your life happier. Don’t let sadness take away the happiness that you deserve in life.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Thought For The Past Year 2006 & Future Year 2007

8 days since the New Year arrived and I still have not yet thinking of what I had been doing and what’s next for me to achieve.

2 years in Brazil was a great and wonderful experience in my life. One step closer to know better, how big the world is and how little I knew and so much more I can learn, both at work and in life. This is coming to an end as I will be returning home soon. Looking back now, I felt myself stronger (not yet the strongest so still have room for improvement) a bit to handle thing alone. I felt myself did not put on more effort to become a better person, in term of my bad points. Been trying to kick off my bad temper and laziness but here I am, still a quick-temper, lazy and a straight forward person.

This country is so big but enough for me to learn the passionate towards life, the friendliness and helpfulness towards one another although the difference between the rich and the poor is so great apart. APPRECIATION, I will continue to learn in my life and learn in each single day to become better than yesterday. I had been such a lucky girl to meet all my friends (hopefully there is no enemy) and colleagues to help and guide me along my path. I hope I can be a better person in order to ‘pay back’ for those who helped me and to help those who need so.

I know this year is going to be a busy year for me when back to Singapore. Hope I can do well to achieve my target, again both at work and in life.

And hope all my friends can do well too!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007 Celebration and My Wish

This was the 2nd and last new year celebration in Brazil, and like last year I enjoyed very much during the firework.

We (Jimmy, Zeon, Jennifer, KC, Edward and I ) were invited by the owner of the penthouse of the building (Loft Place) which we stayed in Niteroi, to celebrate the countdown of the new year. At 10pm, we went up happily as a group but when the owner opened the welcome door, opps my goodness I felt we were under dress for the 'party'. We thought it was only a few of us gather, waiting for the wonderful moment at 12 sharp. Never did I know there were more than just us. I feel so ashamed but this did not stop the Brazilian for being friendly to crack all jokes during the party. Also the little drops of rain did not stop the local to move towards the seaside to watch the firework in Icarai Beach that near our apartment. From high up, we would see thousands of people, or rather angels (Cos most of them were in all white) standing together to watch for wonderful moment.

Having enjoying during that moment, I do pray for more peace in every part of the world. The bad news around the world did hurt me a lot, especially when someone out there just simply refuse to 'rest' even for a moment for people to celebrate the happiness of the new year, like Thailand. So this become my one and only wish for the new year, in fact in my daily life.