Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Birthday Party at Hard Rock Cafe Rio de Janeiro

I am so happy to have so many of my friends and colleagues to attend my 1st birthday party in Rio, especially my best friend Jennifer was here too. Since I am leaving Brazil for good soon, the birthday party become my farewell party (together with Jimmy) too.
The crowd in HRC did not turn up to be as many as usual, partly due to the preparation for the new year countdown for the next day for those people here. Frankly speaking, the music did turn up to be a bit disappointed as it did not bring us to higher spirit. But B52 did. I guess Jimmy must be the one who lead for this drink, Jennifer, Zeon, Roy, Handerson etc joined in the fun. The fun did not stop at one shot or two and not even three (Jimmy said its around ten shots). Anyway we lost count of the shots but certainly someone got drunk there. Not to mention who, but for those who went there should know...... pls keep secret ok....hee hee.

Despite the music was not my favourite, we enjoyed a lot on the dance floor. Jennifer even met her new friends there too. What a small world!

Once again, thank you very much to all my friends for such great memories. I really enjoyed a lot.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Spotted this AMAZONLIFE cafe at Ipanema and went for their organic sandwich. They are also selling their products which were made from natural rubber. I fall in love with one of their bags but the price costs too high for me to buy.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Buenos Aires - City Tour

Christmas eve of year 2006 and we had our last city tour for the whole vacation. They were late and after waiting here and there, and transferred from small van to big bus (from few people to one large group) finally we went to the City Tour in Buenos Aires.

But we departed the group and went on our own at La Baco, when given not enough sufficient time to visit there. We went around freely and relaxing, take more picture than the past two days, and bought some sournier. We went to Hard Rock Cafe at Recoleta after that to buy T-shirt and when wanted to have our lunch there, my god their kitchen were closed. So we went to another restuarant and picked up their set lunch at Pesos 29 (S$15+). Then went for more shopping at the nearby market.

In the evening, we happily walked for 10 blocks from hotel to Puerto Madero (one famous street which full of restaurants), wanting to have our dinner at one of the restaurant. After almost 1hour of walking in the quiet street as all the shops closed for the holiday and hardly any soul passby, once again we turned out to be very disappointed. Most of them were closed and for those that open, the price was simply close to USD 100 for the whole dinner set meal. Not wanting to spend more money, we decided to have our dinner in the hotel. Bad new smashed us again when the reception told us the restaurant was closed too. The last hope we have was to walk to the next street to try those little cafe. Thanks God, there is one that still open and finally we got to have pizza for our dinner.
Click here for more PHOTOS.
Spending the Christmas eve in Argentina was actually the same when you go down to Orchard Road during our Chinese New Year. The street was too quiet and all shops closed for the holiday which everyone will spend together with their families. When walking down the street, I miss my family so much.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Buenos Aires - Tango Dance

This was the 2nd time I went to Buenos Aires and I know very well that the Tango dance is one thing we shouldn't miss when visiting Argentina.

Our tour guide strongly recommended us to watch the dance tonight, and not tomorrow, the Christmas eve which the price will be 3x difference. So we joined one of the Traditional Tango show with dinner included at USD 80.00. I am glad that we do served vegetarian meal but feel bad at the same time as I hardly finish the meal, due to my poor appetite and sickness (My 1st in B.A encountered the same experience, what a luck I had).
Nevertheless, I really had a wonderful night watching the Tango dance and music. After watching the dance, I had a strong urge to learn Tango ...... hee hee.....

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Looking at the sky, we felt so sad because it has been raining since last night and did not seems to be stopping at any moment. No choice but praying hard that it will not affect our day trip to Chico Circuit. Jen and I went for our breakfast and when looking at the food they served, immediately both of us knew that is it for our meal. They didnt even serve fruit, which is the only thing we asked for (we didnt expect much from them since day 1).

Our Chico Circuit tour (which is to tour around the town) did went on as planned but since our prayer had not been heard, the raining continue non-stop and affected the whole tour schedule. They did not bring us to the top of the mountain which supposed to be the most beautiful of all, this tour end before 11am.

We went walking the neighbourhood ourselves in the afternoon. Well, at least we enjoyed our tea break time, coffee and ice-cream and taking PHOTOS at one of the cafe.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

From Puerto Montt to Bariloche

Today is the crazy day as we need to travel to Bariloche by the lake, means we will have to take boat then coach, boat again then coach, and boat again then coach to reach our destination.

I believe we can enjoy more if the weather has not been too wet for us to run around or to take more beautiful photos. But it turned up we still managed to take lots of PHOTOS, some of them are those crazy one.

The lakes are very beautiful, which we can imagine it will be even wonderful in winter. But although now it's coming to summer, the wind blowing still keep us in the cold too. Too bad the camera was not able to capture the beautiful scenes we saw with our eyes. Guess it is still the best for own experience to feel the beauty atmostphere.

Chile - Puerto Montt

Flying again. Sometime how I wish we have wings like the bird, can fly freely without going thru the custom and tight sercuity. Take up too much of our precious time, especially during vacation. We left hotel at 7am to catch the plane. The counter requested every customer who have E-ticket to E-check in and get our boarding pass first, before checking in our luggage over the counter.

We created no fuss and did what were told. After trying 1st time, 2nd time and 3rd time, we gave up. The computer can only read and issued my boarding pass, there was no sign for Jennifer. So our tour driver helped us to find out but still we have to queue up the line which suppose to check in our luggage after the E-check in. After telling the girl what happened, she said she cant do anything for Jen (as this line can ONLY check in luggage) and simply just checked in one of our luggage with my name. Then said "NEXT, PLS"

Can you imagine that??? So our tour driver (good service, he really want to ensure we check in successfully) get into another counter, and finally the girl got to issue Jen's boarding pass in 'traditional way'. She mentioned that because Jen's name was too long for the computer to read. One thing I forget to mention, Jen's name was different in each country we visited and not a single one is correct, even on the air ticket. For your info, if your name appear different from your passport and air ticket, you are not allow to get your boarding pass, less say to aboard the plane. Money is required to correct the wrong in my country.

Anyway, after this little unexpectation, we reach Puerto Montt safely. It had been raining and feel cold since arrived Hotel Colonos Express. Asked for vegetarian restaurant and luckily got one near the hotel and the lake too, Govinda Restaurant which they served organic food. It become the most expensive meal for our trip but quite worth it.

Walked around the town after heavy lunch but cant go far due to the wet day and my poor body system who can no longer handle these hot and wet weather, I fell sick 'finally'. But before heading back to the hotel, we went to this little fair. So happen to see someone do some colourful thread on their hair and found it interesting, so both of us did the same too. Have a look here!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santiago - Vina del Mar & Valparaiso

From Santiago, we took the coach bus in the group about 2 hours drive, to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso. They are sitting side by side, accordingly to the map I saw.
I love the view of the sea and still can remember how strong the wind was on that day. Too bad, the time given was too short to buy any sournior there, sigh, what a pity. The tour guide told us that Valparaiso used to be the most important place for the port in the ancient time. The economic was quite bad now since the importance reduced as time passed.
And thanks God, the weather was great on that day and of course, we took this great opportunity to take more PHOTOS.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Santiago - City Tour

We visited the Santiago city with the tour in the morning and went straight to the shopping mall-Parque Acauco after that. Both of us still think there will be higher chance for us get more shopping stuff there, since the mall is not small. Ended up we brought the same design jean from ZARA.

For the whole trip, the restaurant from the hotel was not as we expected and this one too. We walked alot trying to look for a good restaurant but at the end we had our dinner at PIZZA HUT near our hotel.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Peru - Cusco

After the long tire trip yesterday, both of us slept till 9plus. Not to miss the most important meal of the day, we rush to have our breakfast before the restaurant closed. We had the intension to join the day tour from the city but looking at the sky, that had been raining the whole day, we gave up. So we decided to have the afternoon free and easy. We went to the places which recommended by our tour guide, a 'must-go' San Blas Church. But just like any of those that we visited (sorrie, I am not those who know how to appreciate the art for the God), it look the same to me except for the painting. So we hang around, trying to get more things for our last day in Cusco. Finally we bought the tea bag of Coca tea (since we are not allow to bring the Coca leave out of the country) at S/3.00. Later we found out we got cheated when we went to supermarket to get our instant cup noodle, we realised they are selling only at S/1.30 for the same thing. Angry not because of the money we lost, but I hate those unhonest hawker to cheat on the tourist. I just hate it. Anyway there is nothing we can do and of course, I am not letting this to spoilt my vacation. As the weather was not good, not much of photos taken......... in fact the number of photos is getting lesser each day.

Had a terrible pizza dinner yesterday, that's why we decided it will be better to have hot instant cup noodle in the hotel.

Cusco, Peru

Feel so happy when I can have free internet access at the hotel that I am staying. Too bad I cant download the photo to show all of you, how beautiful the places that we went today.

Macchu Picchu, 3 hours train from Cusco and half hour drive up to the mountain. Due to the climately, Jen and I got terrible headache, I cant even sleep for the whole yesterday night. Luckily it did not affect both of our enjoyable moment today. Although it rain at the beginning of our tour (both of us were lucky, we got personal guide for this trip) but we got another different view of Macchu Picchu.

As usual we got a lot of photos, Jen already used up one 516MB Memory card, we are on our half way for the 2nd one.

Will write again in Chile!!!!

Peru - Machu Picchu

Having able to travel to this "Lost City of Incas", it really made my whole travelling the most enjoyable one.

In order to catch the 6am train to Machu Picchu from Cusco, we woke up at 4.30am and had our very early breakfast at 5am (I believe this is the earliest breakfast ever served in the hotel) and got into the bus at 5.30am. The train journey was 3 hours and I thought to have a nap but ended up I am too excited to feel tire.

We reach there at 9am, took a 25 mins bus up to the 2,430 mtrs mountain high from the ground. Its began to rain when we were about to began our tour, but luckily it stopped (maybe just for us) after a while and we began to went crazy taking picture here and there. Another lucky thing was, we were the only two tourists for this tour group, so we can took photos more freely without worry someone else is waiting for us. It is really very beautiful, especially the cloud move in after the short rain. Hey, before I forget, we even got a stamp of Machu Picchu on our passport. Thanks to our tour guide who told us to get one cos not everyone knows about this. So for whoever is going there, pls remember to get one. For good memory, at least.
When we were about to finish our trip, the rain start again (Thanks God). We had our buffet lunch before heading back to the train station and took the ride back at 3.30pm.
P.S, there is one artist who stand right in front of our hotel selling his painting. I told him on the very 1st day of our arrival that I will have a look at his painting tomorrow and tomorrow. He reminds me everyday since then, so I brought one painting of Machu Picchu from him, Jose at USD 20.00

Friday, December 15, 2006


Breakfast at hotel (We did not enjoy any of our breakfast throughout the whole trip), then set off to airport, flying to Cusco. Accordingly to Christopher, one guy from USA where we met him at Cusco, he took 20 hrs by coach from Lima to Cusco. It took us one hour to reach by air but we have to pay USD6.05 for the airport tax.
11.30am - We reach Cusco and went straight to Picoago Hotel for a break. We realised our voucher given by Lima side did not include our 'City Tour' for Cusco, which suppose to have. Waited quite a while for the tour agent to clarify and luckily found out the 'mistake', else we would have missed a lot of fun as Cusco is different from the normal city.The altitude of Cusco is high and it is norm for tourist when suffer from altitude sickness as it need to take some time to get use to the altitude. That's why they strongly recommend us to drink their local tea, Coca Tea at least few cups a day. It is good for blood circulation and cooling down our body heat. I can feel the difference before and after drinking it.
We visited Circuito Religioso Cusco Basilica Cathedral, Qorikancha and the historic Peru - Saqsaywawan (Sound like Sexy Woman - which made me keep thinking is there a place where all sexy women living???), included O'enqo, Pukapukara and Tambomachay. The trip was so rush, made me so tire (Aiyo, I feel so old....) and dizzy cos of the altitude but I am very happy and keep taking lots of PHOTOS. Anyway with Jen, you can't have the chance not to take photo.
After the running here and there, we were back to the Main Square close to 7pm. Hungily we went dinner with Christopher at one of the restaurants. Thanks God! They do serve Vegetarian meal as the tour guide mentioned that it is now common in Cusco. It was very reasonable price, S/15.00 (S$7.00) for Lawa de maiz (soup of corn), Burrito de Verduras (Main Course) and Jugo Mixto (Juice). After good dinner, shopping time. We got ourselves some sweaters, T-shirts and sournoirs.
Back to hotel, zzzzzzzzzzzz after quick shower. We need to wake up at 4.00am to catch train at 6am to Macchu Picchu.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Currently at Lima, Peru

Hi my dear friend,

Just a quick update before leaving the hotel to Cusco.

Currently I am at Lima, the capital of Peru. Its a nice and neat city, but the traffic seems to be almost the same as in Rio. We met one of the tourists from Canada, said he will definitely have a big problem if to drive in the road if no marking at all. He looked so worried when looking at the traffic and the way the local drove during our city tour trip.

I love the weather here, but somehow (I dunno when and how) I got tanned......

A lot more to tell you about Lima, but I got to rush to take the flight to Cusco now............... will update you once have the internet for photo, have to wait till I am back from holiday.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lima - City of Peru

We woke up early, trying to explore ourselve within walking distance from Hotel.

We went to Larco Mar shopping center at Miraflores (5 blocks away from Hotel) which is near to the sea. The view was wonderful although there are nothing much for shopping, but I did get myself a beautiful necklace. Relaxing ourselve before the city tour at MANGOS CAFE with a glass of mango juice (they only have it depending on season) and enjoying the great view of the ocean right in front of us.

City Tour is always included in the tour package (I realised now I lost interests in City Tour after this trip) and the main square of the city also become a 'must-go' place to visit. In this heart of historic, we visited Government of Palace - Power of King and Lima's Cathedral- Power of God.

The most incredible experience is when we visited the Church and Convert of San Francisco, whichis known for the catacombs that contain more than 70,000 people, and its open for public. Before Jen told me, I did not know that every church have their own catabomb. Of course, this came with long history - a cemetery at the colonial time. Also, we visited the colonial library and monastery in this church.

After City Tour, we took a cab to Jockey Plaza(JP), one of the biggest shopping center located at east zone. We have to set our price with the taxi driver before hopping in as they do not have meter running in Peru. We were told that anyone one can be taxi driver, as long as a four wheel vehicle with the word TAXI on the car. And our tour guide joked with us that they have a lot of professional taxi driver cos even the lawyer, doctor can work as taxi driver during their spare time.
I bought some accessories and we had our dinner at Tony Roma................ then we have to go back to pack for our journey tomorrow.
Hey hey, of course we took numberous of photos.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My South America Tour Began

After long preparation and so many quotations here and there, finally we were on our holiday to S.A. Taking flight is the thing I hate to do so but unavoidable especially we are going to be like Ping Pong Ball (That is what my tour agent - Marcelo said so) and indeed we were.

I was so excited to see my beloved Starbucks Coffee when transitting at Santiago Airport to Lima. Hurrily, I asked Jennifer to take photo for me, and she reacted like "Didn't you ever drink Starbucks Coffee before". Immediately I told her, this is my 1st Cafe Latte in S.America. Well I guess I acted much like a little girl at that moment but who cares, we are suppose to be rest and relax during vacation.

Continue our journey to Lima and we reached 10 plus. Have a good sleep to be more energetic for the whole journey.

Jennifer Exploring Rio City

When first met Jennifer over lunch, Claudia said she look confident to explore herself at Rio City, unlike me. And Claudia is right. Given her whatever information that I have, she covered the town more than I.
The plan was suppose to go Sugar Loaf, then Maracana Stadium and Saara today. But due to the bad weather, she has gone to the stadium and then Saara. Since the time is still early, I suggest her to shop at Botafogo Shopping before meeting us for dinner. And she really mananged to find the way from downtown to Botafogo, and right now she is happily shopping around (although alone).
Wow, I am so happy and proud of this friend who can do her own travelling, really unlike me....sigh!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday Lunch At Barra

Today CK drove us to Barra for Moquecã lunch, then we went Barra Shopping for Haagen-dazs Ice-cream and coffee. And on our way back, he drove pass Lelbon, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, to show Jen around. Although we dont have much sight-seeing but we having a lot of fun with my kakis. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Niteroi Beaches

Saturday noon. We planned to go Buizos during this weekend but CK and my kakis suggested that we should 'tour' Niteroi on Sat. And since CK agreed to drive us around, I think this is a good chance for Jen see more of Niteroi (other than only Icarai Beach).

We went lunch at Amineira Restaurant, our usual sataurant lunch place, a all-you-can-eat buffet. After that, we went to Niteroi Peak for some shots before heading to the beach. Just too bad the weather was not sunny enough for all Brasilian to come out for suntann, so we have no opportunity to watch beautiful girls in bikini......what a luck!

Anyway, it is just another weekend for us to rest and relax, and at least Jen get to know how the local spend their weekend.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

T-shirt Re-design Final

Finally got photos taking session with them on their own design.
They are so creative with the T-shirt design, I like them all!

Friday, December 08, 2006

T-shirt Re-design Part 2

Remember that I mentioned last month about the T-shirt re-design for their company dinner? Today is the day!!! But of course this only goes to those Technip staffs, and too bad not many will be attending this year.

Well, we have to wait till late afternoon before they put on their 'creatively' T-shirt. But hey, I saw Claudia wearing a common yellow top but with some colourful sewing on the edge of the top. She sew it herself and I like it so much.

See, so long you dare to think and do it, you can get something special out from normal.

Nervous Breakdown!!!

My body seems to be slowing down these few days and I can feel my body is fighting hard against the virus. Oh no, pls don't let me fall sick right now, when I was about to go for my vacation just a few days later.
I guess I have been cracking too much of my brain even since Jennifer is here (Hey pal, I am not blaming on you ok, but this is the fact, heehee), as I keep thinking of the best schedule for her stay in Rio. I never had been so 'hardworking' before, trying to find out more of the neighbourhoods here. And now I am planning what is the best routine for her, without being a ping pong ball when visiting Rio City. Luckily I have colleagues who lend their helping hands by providing me information like the bus guide, metro etc, this make me a little more expert than yesterday. And also people like CK and Roy who willingly to drove us around, Thanks God I have them with me!
Well, I hope Jennifer can explore Rio without much difficulties (I can't avoid the language barries though) and enjoy her stay!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

City Of God (Brazil Movie)

I wanted to watch this Cidade de Deus when they screen in Singapore few years ago but somehow missed it. And since I am in the city of this movie production, I might as well buy the DVD and watch it.

After watching this movie base on 1997 novel by Paulo Lins, I can strongly feel my saddness for the poor especially when I passby Favela and see the poor here everyday. This movie show how the residents live through their lifes in this City of God (Favela).

Taking place over the course of a few decades, City of God tells the story of two parallel lives from the favela Cidade de Deus (Portuguese for City of God) in Brazil. The film begins close to the end of story and moves back two decades, and has other flashbacks along the way back to the end.
While both Rocket and Li'l Dice grow up amidst much violence and despair, each takes a different path. As the years progress, the characters go through a series of changes. Li'l Dice changes his name to
Li'l Zé, becomes one of the most violent gangsters in the City of God as he starts up his own gang, kills many rivals, and makes many enemies. Rocket witnesses much of this, as he develops an interest in photography and wishes to use it to escape the violence of the favelas.
Their paths cross at many points in the film: Rocket's older brother is murdered by Li'l Zé when they are just children; a mutual friend of Rocket and Li'l Zé is murdered as he attempts to leave the gangster life; Rocket's photos attract Li'l Zé's attention and Rocket is hired to be his photographer and his pictures are published in the newspaper; and Rocket is there to document the inevitable gang war that erupts between Li'l Zé and his rivals.

I remember when I was young, I always feel the unfairness from God when I see more on the Poor and Rich, the Violent and Peace, the Sickness and Healthy, the Stupid and Smart. I even asking Goddess of Mercy why can't all human being live in same condition equally. Of course, slowly I realised more about Cause and Effect (Buddhism regilious) and life cycle, I know there is more than just life itself. Sometime, (crime) life cycle goes on but I do believe the compassionate bring hope for everyone and this is what I am trying to learn everyday. Afterall, we have to stay positive to make our day happier and meaningful.

"Aware of the suffering caused by the destruction of life, I vow to cultivate compassion and learn ways to protect lives of people, animals, plants, and minerals. I am determined not to kill, not to let others kill, and not to condone any killing in the world, in my thinking, and in my way of life.”

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vegetarian Pls Be Informed!!!!

I just got an email from one of my vegetarian friends who remind that the French Fries from McDonald's is not 100% pure vegetarian. Not because it is not fried by vegetable oil, but the fries itself content beef. There is even one lawsuit against McDonald's by the Vegetarian Society, McDonald’s Lawsuit —What’s the Story? to prove so.

Wow, I love to eat French Fries but not more from McDonald's or any Fast Food restaurant till I find that they are considered vegetarian food.
So my pals, I have to stay away from Fast Food restaurants and hope all of you can understand. And for those who always think I am so troublesome, I am now a level higher than problematic so watch out, ha ha ha!!!

Young At Heart

Finally Jennifer is on her way to Foz Iguaçu, hope she is enjoying herself right now.

Wow, I saw Valderes today and she looks even more younger than her usual with her new hairstyle. I always believe we never grow old if we always young at heart. See this is one of the best example.

Penedo & Logoa with Roy and Tania

03 Dec 2006
It is very difficult for me to plan a getaway trip as I do not have a license to drive (even if I have, I don't think I dare to drive in Rio). One of my colleagues promised to bring us to Penedo, which was recommended a good place to stay over the weekend. Too bad she can't make it due to her work, so I asked Roy for this favor. As I wanted so much to give Jennifer the best stay in Rio, trying to do my very best in whatever way I can.

Roy and his wife agreed to bring us there on Sun, they never been there too. So happened that Zeon can't make it last minute too, so ended up only four of us went ahead. We drove 2 hrs to reach this small town. Nothing much there but a perfect place for relaxation during the weekend, simply doing nothing. We walked along the street, relaxing ourselves and had a good time there. We had our lunch and Ice-cream there before returning back to Rio.

Cool Slideshows

Surprisely, Roy drove us to Logoa since Jen has not been there yet. A good place for family outing. We went there to have a little walk and saw the Christmas Tree there, which they had it there last year too. Before going back, we had a drink but thanks to the mosquito (again), we are not able to enjoy much on the windy astomphere by the lake. We hurried settled the bill and leave the place before more mosquito bites on our legs.

Well, thanks to Roy and Tania for the pleasant hospitality. We had a wonderful time!!!!

Lagoa is an odd neighborhood, as the focus is the big lagoon (Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas) that drains into the ocean between Ipanema and Leblon. For the majority of Cariocas, this is primarily a recreation area. They come to walk, cycle, inline skate, or run the 8.5km (5 1/4-mile) pathway that circles the lagoon. In the afternoon and evening, the neighborhood's pleasures become more hedonistic as people come to the many waterside kiosks to grab a drink, have some food, or listen to a group play live music.

Cool Slideshows

Jennifer goes to Niteroi Museum

02 Dec 2006 Afternoon
We reach Niteroi in the evening so I decided to have a walk to our nearby Niteroi museum, as Jennifer has missed to do so on her first day in Rio because of the dogs and cats. (Ha, actually it was raining heavily on that day)

Jennifer said the view around my apt is beautiful enough to let her colleagues envy her for having such great time. I agree with her, here is like heavy on earth, so beautiful with good weather. Especially when we reach the museum, the wind is so strong that we have to grab the camera tight, before it will blow away by the wind. (Ok ok I was just kidding, it is not tat strong. But it is indeed windy, all my hair was in the mess)

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Jennifer at Petropolis

02 Dec 2006
The weather forecast MOSTLY CLOUDY both at Rio and Petropolis, therefore I had been prayed very hard during the night before, hoping our plan can go on with good weather.

Thanks God! I was so happy to be welcome by the sunny morning when I woke up on Sat morning. We went to my usual laundry and breakfast before we heading to Petropolis. This time we went for a quick shopping first at the Centro before lunch. Jen and I got a lot of simple sleeveless tops and pants at a very reasonable price, while Jimmy and Zeon went for coffee. Aiyo, I had forgotten to take a photo of what I had bought.

But definitely did not forget to take photos outside the restuarant which I enjoyed more than the food, hee hee.

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Dinner at Outback Restaurant

01 Dec 2006 Evening
Marilea and Mauricio is not able to make it to my birthday party on 30 Dec as both of them will be away for their vacation. So we planned for a meal with my Kakis and Jennifer. Since I never have any good and new suggestion for the location, we went to Outback Restaurant for dinner. It is good for them since they have 1 for 1 during their happy hours.

We had a great time with the couple, especially Maruicio love to joke around. Hey, we also have a lot of old time jokes - during Dawn's time.

Hey Dawn, we all do miss you here....... also on those 'special' words (you shld know which one)you taught them. My goodness, they all still remember!!!!

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Lunch With My Colleagues

01 Dec 2006 Afternoon

Long before Jen is here, I had invited Monica and Claudia to have lunch with her. Luckily they can make it on Friday and I was so happy that Jennifer finally meet them, as I always mentioned a lot about them to Jen. I also invited Meg to join us for the lunch, she is such a sweet lady and I like her alot.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Jennifer at Cafe Colombo

01 Dec 2006
Jennifer like Cafe Colombo when she saw the photos I took previously, so the first place I brought her is this café.

Luckily I still managed to find the café after asking the direction from Zeon and we took a lot of photos (as usual cos Jen always said, it’s free so just take as many as we can and select the best one to upload).

Since we behave more than a tourist, we were given a synopsis of Café Colombo.

Confeitaria Colombo was founded in 1894 by two Portuguese adventurous men, Manoel José Lebrão and Joaquim Borges de Meirelles, whose philosophy was “the customer is always right”.

All the Belle Époque charm remains in full bloom at Confeitaria Colombo in the heart of Old Rio. Part of the city’s cultural heritage, it’s also one of the favorite downtown attractions for tourists from all over the world.

The magnificent salons are lined with ornate jacardnda-framed mirrors imported from Belgium at the turn of century. The art nouveau décor is found throughout its showcases, furniture and fittings, ceiling lights and floor dating back to this delightful past.

Confeitaria Colombo benefited from the social and urban progress of the city well as the consequent business development. Soon it became well-known as the place where politicians, journalists, poets, writers and artists went to attend business meetings or simply to have fun.

Eminent visitors, as Queen Elizabeth, from England, and King Albert, from Belgium, had the opportunity to taste its delicious specialties.

Almost all Brazilian presidents were Colombo’s customers. The afternoon tea was an elegant occasion and the ladies of society and their families enjoyed it after shopping. Later at night, the cheerful cocottes filled the salons with their fashionable and colourful clothes. Confeitaria Colombo introduced not only new fashions but also new technologies as the elevator.

Since the beginning of the century the lively Carnival dances at Colombo inspired musicians to write songs that became great hits.

The tradition and effective participation in our society confirm the importance of Confeitaria Colombo in the history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jennifer Visiting My Work Place

Well, I always think that it is wonderful to introduce my circle of colleagues and friends to my close friends. Isn't that is one of the good way to know more friends? So I have long planned to bring Jennifer to go to my workplace when she is here, showing her around and to introduce her the friendliest people here. And Jennifer ask me is it okay for her to take photo with my colleague, and I immediately said that they are most welcome to take photo with her. This day happened in the morning, she said she was amazed to feel the warm and friendly smile from everyone. And she feels more happy when everyone have definitely no problem to take photo with her. Check it out from the link and feel the sunny atmosphere in the office, although it was raining outside the window.

Thanks to everyone up there cause your smile have made her stay another wonderful day. Afterall, we can't control much on the wet weather, but sure we can control the sunshine feeling from the warmth of your heart!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Jennifer 1st Day in Rio

30 Nov 2006, bad weather as it has been raining the whole day but it is good for Jennifer since she has the intension to stay in the apartment to regain her energy and recover from the jetlab after long hours flight.

Too bad I have nothing much in my apt, not even any fruits too. I am suppose to buy more fruits for both of us but........... just didn't happen, hee hee, lazy me. So she can only have instant noodle for lunch.

But we went to Porcao at Niteroi for dinner, a good suggestion from Zeon and Jimmy that we should let her enjoy her 1st dinner in Brazil. So here we are at Churrascaria Restaurant and Jennifer is enjoying herself very much. She was so full that she keep saying "I am so full" after the meal.