Monday, April 30, 2007

The pain goes on but is recovering.....

We all know that health is the most important thing in life. Without good health, we can't do much thing even you are the richest person in life.

Just this 'seems like not big deal neck pain' is painful enough for me to feel frustrated for the past few days. I struggled myself to wake up yesterday morning and get my nephew to drive me to the class, as I do not wish to absent myself from the lesson. But I simply can't concentrate on anything. I had been trying to focus on what the lecturer said, but still failed to do so. So I attended half day class and went home by cab to get more rest.

Thought I will fully recover when I woke up 5am this morning, but who knows the pain is still there. I think this is the worst 'neck pain' I ever got and pls loh, let me fully recover before the Labour Day. I need to get a lot things done both at work and in life (I mean my study at this moment, so many assignments need to complete and group discussion with my study group).

And by the way, HAPPY LABOUR DAY. Try not to work too hard on this day ok.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oops My Neck

I have been attending my lesson for the last few weekends, and each week I wish I could have an excuse of need not to go.

This morning I have a good one..............I sprinked my neck when woke up and can't move much action. Quite in the pain (although still bearable) but I won't be able to carry big bag as needed to, so I decided to stay home to rest. Then I realised it is still better for me to be in good condition to attend the class. At least I get to sit down and learn new knowledge with my classmates.

Alamak, I think I still didn't cherish enough of each moment hor.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Art of Branding Continue

I continue this from CoolerInsight's blog. I saw this just outside Orchard MRT station so just want to publish for sharing.
It will be interesting if they do paint all the 800s letterbox island wide, Walter. I will take pic as and when I see this creative art.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gathering With My Ex-Kaki

Had a gathering with one ex-colleague(I didn't get to see her for 2 years) since she is in town and 3 of us went to "Pizza Walker" at Wisma Atria for dinner.

I took some pic of the foods ordered but decided not to publish due to the disappointment. Saying it in the nice way, their soup, pizza (for myself) and pasta (for my ex-col and special fd) don't suit our taste at all. Hope you guys get what I wanted to say, they really made me 'walk away'. And the food is exp too. Worst, special fd vomitted out what he ate when reached home. He feels much better after throwing out all the food which he dislike the taste so much.

Luckily the food did not spolit our gathering mood, we enjoyed a lot talking about our old days and exchanging info of our current status. My ex-col has been doing Yoga twice a week since she resigned and she slimmed down a lot then. No wonder Jennifer love Yoga so much that she can go for it almost every day.


P.S, This restaurant was recommended by my colleague, saying the food was nice. I just mentioned to her about our incident. I guess the chief must be different, that's why turn up to have different result.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Rainy Days..............

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Little children want to play."
Anyone remember this? I still remember this little sentence (but duno where I got this from).

But I do not remember that now is the rainy season in Singapore, where have the sun gone? It's been raining almost everyday for the past weeks and worst, at least to a lot of my colleagues and myself; it always started to rain at 4.30pm when we knock off. The sky was always so dark in the afternoon but only started to pour so heavily at that hour. The only explanation we gave was, our "Feng Shi" here is good, water mean wealth. Anyway, this is simply how we feel when it started to rain, not such of complaining.

Nevertheless, I can’t stop to worry as the Global Climate Change each day.

'most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is likely to be attributable to human activities'.

I guess we are far too slow to start doing something to reduce the ‘hurting’. Last time I used to think we can do something to HELP the global warning but now, I think the right word to use is to REDUCE. Unlike the olden days, today we are using things in our daily life (for our convenience) that are damaging the earth. So I started to use the reuse bag, to cut down my water usage (but still continue to drink at least 1.5Ltr of water each day, hee hee) and electricity. And here’s more tips from BBC website to share with you.

Things you can do today at no cost:
* Turn off lights when you leave a room
* Only boil the amount of water you need in your kettle
* Turn off televisions, videos, stereos and computers when they are not in use - they can use between 10 and 60% of the power they use when on
* Don't leave fridge doors open for longer than necessary, let food cool down fully before putting in the fridge or freezer, defrost regularly and keep at the right temperature
* Close curtains at dusk to keep in heat
* Let your clothes dry naturally rather than using a tumble drier
* Use economy programmes on dishwashers or washing machines
* Where possible don't stand cookers and fridges/freezers next to each other

Things you can do in the future or with an initial cost:
* Put foil behind radiators fitted on external walls
* Use energy saving lightbulbs - they use a quarter of the electricity and last much longer
* Insulate your hot water tank and pipes
* Speak to your energy provider about their 'green tariff' - they may be able to match your energy consumption with an equivalent amount of energy from renewable sources
* Fit seals to externals doors, skirting boards and floor boards to reduce heat loss - 15% of heat is lost through draughts and 15% through the floor
* Make your windows draught proof or fit double glazing - this cuts heat loss in half - up to 10% of heat is lost through uninsulated windows(NB ventilation is essential in rooms with gas, oil or solid fuel appliances so don't block of ventilation in rooms with these types of appliances.)
* Fit wall insulation - up to 33% of heat is lost through uninsulated walls
* Replace old inefficient boilers

For tips on environmentally friendly transport, shopping and saving water, see 'other ways to help'.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Things Gone.......

This morning, one of my friends told me that one young colleagues of her just passed away suddenly. It was sudden news to them as she was so young (early 20s) and pink in health.

No one can predict the future, not even the next second.

That’s why I always keep telling myself ought to treasure every moment. Try not to be too emotional over little thing, always be as happy and cheerful as I can cos I never know what will happens to me the very next second. I always like to let my family and friends know that how much I treasure them and love them a lot. I might not have very luxuries or super good life, but at least I want to live my life without regrets and have a wonderful time when I am still ‘exist’.

Monday, April 23, 2007

HSE Promotion Campaign

Our company HSE is promoting their safety campaign for "Free Hand Injuries Campaign" this morning, and all employees gathered in front of our building for the short ceremony. 7 staffs spoken in 7 different language to pass on the safety message.

Hand injuries occurred often in our company and I believe a lot of places too. So hereby just a little reminder to all my friends, always have to be careful at all times. I do have a few friends who got hand injuries before, and some were serious injured. Even a little paper cut hurt us too.

Always be cautious at all time.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today Is Earth Day

Well, actually nothing special today, just another day for most of the people up there and me too. I need to go class today so simply have no time to do something else for the Earth Day. But took a few photos using my cell phone (need to bring laptop so did not bring my camera along) while on my way to the class.

Downstair of my house.

Passby this reservior from Khabit to YCC MRT (Nice view right?)

Sport Center near YCC MRT station. (Quite badly taken with a bit of reflection, hee hee)

Alright, then my day passes in the class. Today is about management, somehow interesting but a bit 'dry' topic. Almost fall asleep but luckily with the help of all these.......... Thanks godness that we can at least able to eat in the class.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I think this movie attracted me, part of the reason cos it was shooted and storyline regards Brazil. A country where I lived there for the past two years.
A group of international tourists seeking fun and adventure in Brazil get a lot more than they bargained for in the suspenseful horror film TURISTAS. Written by first-time screenwriter Michael Arlen Ross and directed by John Stockwell (BLUE CRUSH), TURISTAS, the first American film to be shot completely in the South American nation, is set in the Brazilian mountains, where Alex (Josh Duhamel); his sister, Bea (Olivia Wilde); and her best friend, Amy (Beau Garrett), are preparing for an eco-tour. But when their bus crashes, they are stranded with a group of locals as well as a handful of other tourists, including Finn (Desmond Askew) and Liam (Max Brown), two Brits looking for fast times and hot women, and Pru (Melissa George), a beautiful Australian traveling on her own who takes an immediate liking to Alex. In the middle of nowhere, they find a little oasis in a surprise sandy bar, where they get to know each other, drinking and dancing until they wake up the next morning, having been drugged and robbed of just about everything, with all remnants of the bar gone. They walk into an unfriendly town, but the only person offering any help at all is Kiko (Agles Steib), who might not exactly be leading them to safety.

Director: John Stockwell
Main Cast: Melissa George, Josh Duhamel, Olivia Wilde
Genre: Horror/ Thriller

My Rate: ***

I feel..... Kiko in the movie was somehow forced to bring them to a house and as planned, slowly to kidnap them and 'take away' their organs by an evil doc. Not going into details in case you might want to watch this movie.

Despite this is not base on true story, I believe such thing is happenning somewhere up there, mainly for the sake of money. In the movie, the tourists are having too much fun and cautious simply disappear when beautiful beach and women are there. Strongly it gave me the feelings that no matter where we are or how relaxing we feel, we ought to be cautious at all times. Appearance of friendliness can be a dangerous on the other hand. Especially when in the foreign country with language barrier.

But, but, I still want to say that Brazilian people are still the most friendiest people I ever met and yes, I still like Brazil a lot.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Earth Day Is Coming

from the courtest of

Frankly speaking, I know nothing about this Earth Day which falls on 22th April. This is what it explains from the website: 'Earth Day is a name used by two different observances held annually in the (northern) spring, both intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment.'

But I believe each single day, we should remind ourselves of the Global Warning and do something. Alamak, I still have no time to buy the Reuse Bag yet up man!!!)

So do you know this Earth Day? I wonder any special programme being held in Singapore on that day?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Soooo Tire

Am I going to fall sick or what? I am feeling half dead……so tire right now. I simply can’t concentrate on the thing I am doing now. All I want is to sleep.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend - My Study Day

As a part time student, I will have to spend most of my weekends studying. Luckily I still can go out for dinner after the class for this early stage of my study.

Had a sudden urge to eat steamboat so went to Lingzhi Vege Restaurant after class. But it was still early so for dinner so walked around this quiet business district.

Even the 'Food Museum' at Far East Square also too quiet.

Shared the Ice Mango with special friend before the dinner.

Then finally my vegetarian steamboat (Har, we already eating half way when taking this pic, it won't be so little variety, just for yr info) . Wow, eat until almost can't walk straight.

One thing I must complaint.......We went to search for Singapore Pool, thought they might not have it at that area, but at the end we managed to find one branch at China Square. Then we sat around the outside compound while waiting for the restaurant to open, I got at least 7 or 8 mosquito bites within 5mins time :'( Poor me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zzzzzzzzz Soundly

Take a look at how our two darlings sleep soundly and perhaps ......... snoozing..... Gigi girl

Sparkling boy

The infamous Layers Meme

Thanks to Zeezee, giving me another 'mission' to complete. (Hey, Zeezee now you like my lecturer, giving me assignment now and then....heehee)

Layer One:On The Outside
Name : PerfectWorld Pauline Tan
Birth Date : 30 Dec (2nd last day of the year, NOT last day cos a lot of ppl always remember wrongly)
Current status : Single, always single.
Eye Colour : Brown, just like any other Chinese.
Hair Colour : Black, very black.
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two :On The Inside
Your Heritage :Teochew Chinese (I am from Singapore, not China. Cos when I was in Brazil, a lot people thought Singapore is part of China.)
Your Fears : When lose the passionate in life
Your Weakness : Quick temper, very quick.
Your Perfect Pizza : I love Pizza, as long as it's vegetarian..........and no garlic too.

Layer Three :Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up : I thought I just went to bed?????
Your Bedtime : I had been waiting for this moment, so sweet.........and sweet dream too!
Your Most Missed Memory : Hmmmmm, still thinking...................

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Plsssss, I am trying to cut down my weight.
McDonald's or Burger King : Used to be BK when they promote their vegetarian burger, and hey that was so long time ago :'(
Single or Group Dates : As long as not alone, I am ok with any dates, hee hee.
Adidas or Nike : I love the TICK more than the 'triangle'
Tea or Nestea : Opposite of Zeezee, I love coffee so Nestea pls.
Chocolate or Vanilla : Hrrr, when come to Chocolate, I am not on diet at the moment.
Cappucino or Coffee : Coffee, Espresso will be perfect.

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : I still can't find any good reason to smoke.
Curse: Who????
Take a shower : Unless I am dead-tire or else who don't take shower in Singapore???
Have a crush : Durian.....I just had that few days ago, hahahaha.
Think you've been in love: I am still in love now.......hee hee. Thanks God!
Go to school : Now lor, I did not study hard enought when I was young so.......have to 'compensate' now. Going to the University in Perth for a week on July for the part-time degree course, like those orientation programme.
Want to get married : ......I perfer to be in love.
Believe in yourself : Of course. If not, who else???
Think you're a health freak : I just passed my medical check-up.

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : Never, not even in the past years.
Gone to the mall : I just went Bugis Junction today.
Been on stage : Ha ha, never like that.
Eaten sushi : Yes, yes, just spotted vegetarian sushi.
Dyed your hair : Never in my life.

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : Can consider leh..........hee hee.
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : I always accept the fact of others, so they should too.

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married : Never think of that before.

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Black.
Best Hair Colour : As long as it's neat and tidy and not in rainbow colour.
Short Hair or Long Hair :Short for guy and long for girl.

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : Writing this lor.
1 Hour Ago : Eating porridge.
4.5 Hours Ago : Shopping
1 Month Ago : Working and eating after work (no wonder I put on weight, sigh)
1 Year Ago: In Brazil, having fun!!!!

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : Peace.
I Feel : Tire (now cos it already my zzzzzzz time)
I Hate : selfishness
I Hide : my sorrow
I Need : Love.

Layer Twelve : Tag five people (Kind of difficult for me.....)

1. Eastcostlife - can help me pls?
2. Tigerfish - This is fun too.
3. Walter - Spare some time for this, ok?
4. Jason
5. Ivy

Have fun and it's good so that we can know each other a little more.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My VisualDNA

Got this from Zeezee, so try it too!
Interesting, indeed.
Zeezee, thanks for the fun.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Willingly Are You To Help On Global Warming?

Finally, National Environment Agency (NEA) is lauching the campaign next week to encourage shoppers to use reusable bags.

Want to help to reduce on Global Warning? Simply buy the reusable bags from any seven food retailers, and use it to replace plastic bag.

I know it is not easy to change over night, as we all are so use to have all our shopping groceries in the plastic bag which was given free. But if we don't even want to make a little effort to help our earth now, what will happen to our next generation then?

Just around me, I already got negative feedbacks on this campaign. It is a sad thing, isn't it? If we are so concern about next generation, shouldn't we be doing more than only education, giving them tuitions in order to be top in the class, buying them toys or computer games and providing them good foods etc.

Now we are really talking about HOME that we need to provide without hurting the earth further.

So despite facing this, I will do my best by doing bit by bit first.
See the facts from

* From next week, shoppers who still want a plastic bag will be asked to make a 10 cent donation. And starting in May, the first Wednesday of each month will be dedicated for shoppers to bring their own bag.

* This campaign is aimed at reducing the amount of waste created.

* Singapore consumes 2.5 billion plastic bags each year. "We noticed that over the years, more and more plastic bags are being used.

* Singapore incinerates its waste plastic bags and burning a tonne of them produces almost 2,900 kilograms of carbon dioxide - the gas that causes global warming.

* Global warming is the reason why glaciers melt, causing sea levels to rise. And that is a serious issue for islands like Singapore. And some plastic bags end up as rubbish, polluting beaches and clogging up waterways & drains. "Each year, we do waste studies in incineration plants, and found a large amount of plastic bags unused and thrown away by people as trash items. This indicates that there is huge room for us to cut down the wastage," says Yang Hong, Senior Environment Health Executive, Resource Conservation Department, NEA.

* And that's why, instead of promoting retailers to switch to biodegradable bags, NEA's strategy is to focus on public education, as everyone has a part to play.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My friend sent this email to me and I do have some agreement and thoughts.

1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight, and height.
Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay them.
* In term of age, yes and as for height, you can’t do much on it. But for weight hor, we also have to pay attention cos at the end of the day, we are the one who suffer.

2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
(Keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches!)
* Cheerful person, you may get close to the grouches if you think you are able to cheer them up.

3. Keep learning: Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever.
Never let the brain get idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop."
And the devil's name is Alzheimer's!
* Hmmmm, quite sensitive to me when come to Alzheimer cos my poor mum is suffering this and does that mean my mum used to let her brain idle???????? Anyway, we can’t stop Alzheimer at current medical knowledge, right?

4. Enjoy the simple things
* Simple thing is what most of us are having and always tend to forget. So from now on, enjoy your life!

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with him or her!
* I agree. This is how I keep myself young loh, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

6. The tears happen: Endure, grieve, and move on.
The only person who is with us our entire life, is yourself. LIVE while you are alive.
* Right! Cos no one can take away your happiness and sadness too, if you insisting of holding tight with you.

7. Surround yourself with what you love:
Whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
* On the other word, HOME SWEET HOME.

8. Cherish your health:
If it is good, preserve it.
If it is unstable, improve it.
If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to a foreign country, but NOT to where the guilt is.
* Or else, you may as well stay at home.

10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.
* I always do so, did you?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where Next?

Tagged by Zeezee on "Where do you wanna go next?" and here is my respones.

Congo – Kinshasa, is the place I always wish to go but never have any planning yet (so far). Why? The country is too far away, too expensive and current situation, too dangerous. But I like to have at least one time adventure for my vacation, to go through wild forest and Long River to enjoy the real natural.

Congo (Dem Rep) has many beautiful landscapes, with lakes and forests, waterfalls and wildlife. However, this is a vast country, with an almost non-existent transport infrastructure. It is mired in current conflict and a long and intricate history.

Check up this website and I quite like the tour agent itinerary for this CONGO RIVER EXPEDITION but again, still far too expensive for me to go next. So I think my ‘reality’ next holiday will be Asian country.

Sorry huh, I don’t have much choice to choose to continue the chain for this topic.


Key Information:Tour Duration: 21 day(s)
Group Size: 12 - 16 peopleDestination(s): Zaire, Congo
Season: May - October
Airfare Included: No
Per Person Price: US$4395

Day 1: Arrival in Kinshasa

Day 2: Sightseeing in Kinshasa City tour of Kinshasa, the capital of the D.R.Congo. The tour offers you the opportunity to visit, photograph and learn about the major historical, cultural and natural highlights the city has to offer. Kinshasa, the capital of the D.R.Congo, used to be referred to as "Kin La Belle" - meaning "Beautiful Kinshasa". The many years of turmoil have broken down on this image. But slowly and surely, Kinshasa is regaining its splendour. Some of the major sites include the "Grand Marché", the tomb of former President Laurent Kabila, the "Academy des Beaux Arts" for those who like African art, the rapids of Kinsuka just downstream from the city and the Bonobo Reserve, a sanctuary for orphaned bonobo-monkeys, one of the five Great Apes, and the closest to mankind.

Day 3: Kinshasa to Kisangani

Day 4: Sightseeing in Kisangani Kisangani was founded by Sir Henry Morton Stanley in January 1877. Memorable sites include the Tshopo River Falls and the Wagenia fisheries, set up in the midst of river rapids. Fishing is carried on by means of a complex structure set among the rocks. Lianas attached to cross poles act as stretchers for the nets submerged in the foaming water. The fishermen go about their business in pirogues, plying among rapids and rocks. Their agility and daredevil boldness are an unfailing source of amazement.

Day 5: Travel by boat: Kisangani – Yangambi ( 90 km )Our River Cruiser is a 34-meter long, wooden boat, equipped with two powerful outboard engines. This traditional type of boat is further equipped with safety equipment, sanitary installation, a generator, lighting and freezers

Day 6: Travel by boat: Yangambi – Lokutu (95 km)The Yangambi Biosphere Reserve is a centre for research .Secondary forests with Pycnanthus angolensis and Fagara macrophylla, semi-deciduous secondary rain forests, rain forests with Gilbertiodendron dewevrei, climax forests with Brachystegia laurentii and marshland forests dominate the biosphere reserve. The site is very important from a biodiversity point of view since it hosts about 32,000 tree species.

Day 7: Travel by boat: Lokutu – Mombongo (83 km)Lokutu has about 20.000 people.We visit the Lokutu Oil Palm Plantation. We arrive in the region of the Lokele, a tribe living on the banks of the river. Overnight tented camp

Day 8: Travel by boat: Mombongo – Bumba (106 km)In Bumba, the Congo river broadens out to its widest part, some 20 kilometres across. The river is covered with water hyacinths and practically paved with innumerable islands, through and around which the fishermen's pirogues ply.

Day 9: Travel by boat: Bumba – Lisala (117 km)Lisala is the home town of the former President Mobutu Sese Seko. He was born here in a small municipal maternity clinic. A broad trunked tree - a "Libanga" - commemorates this event with a plaque: "This tree commemorates the birth of the Father of the Zairian Revolution, Mobutu Sese Seko, born on 14 October 1930."

Day 10: Travel by boat: Lisala – Iaté ( 109 km)Iaté: beautiful fishermen lake village. Kind population.

Day 11: Travel by boat: Iaté – Moleka ( 95 km )The river expands, either by flowing round countless islands, or by spreading out into what settlers call “pools”.

Day 12: Travel by boat: Moleka – Bolombo ( 121 km )Overnight tented camp

Day 13: Travel by boat: Bolombo – Malonga ( 77 km )Makanza is formerly New Antwerp. Here the river

Day 14: Travel by boat: Malonga – Mbandaka ( 105 km )The Congo crosses the Equator shortly before Mbandaka. Mbandaka is the biggest town, 730.000 souls, between Kisangani and Kinshasa. It is the region of the Mongo tribe.

Day 15: Travel by boat: Mbandaka – Malanga (90km)Mbandaka is the capital of the Equatorial Province, on the left bank of the Congo in the angle formed by the left bank of the Ruki River and the bank of the Congo. Mbandaka was established on 17th June 1883, by Stanley and Van Gèle. Slightly north of Irebu the Congo forms a vast delta about 14 km broad. This is the point at which the Ubangi joins the Congo.

Day 16: Travel by boat: Malanga – Lukolela plantation (101 km) Up to Lukolela are Mpoto and Sungu followed by gombe where the river narrows again. This feature is known as the Liranga Narrows. Visit of a cacao plantation. The plantation has suffered from the isolation due to the civil war.

Day 17: Travel by boat: Lukolela – Croissement (99 km) At Lukolela the river narrows and is bordered by cliffs of a height of 20 – 25 m. Lukolela was established by Stanley on 12th September 1893. The river maintains a width of 6 – 9 km and is studded with islands.

Day 18: Travel by boat: Croissement – Kalengé ( 110 km )Yumbi: Early catholic mission. There are rock outcrops at the bottom of the navigation channel. At Bolobo the width of the river is reduced to less than 2 km.

Day 19: Travel by boat: Kalengé – Epuna (155 km )Epuna is not far from Kwamouth. Kwamouth is on the left bank at the confluence of the Kwa, the name of the Kasai River where it joins the Congo.

Day 20: Travel by boat: Epuna – Maluku (89 km )The River runs through what has been called the channel or passage, where the banks are steep and the river is wedged in between the foothills of the Crystal Mountains. Islands are few and there are nio sand-banks. We arrive in Maluku. Here the Congo becomes the Pool Malebo. Transfer to hotel in Kinshasa.

Day 21: Kinshasa Hotel to airport transfer departure

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Monday, April 09, 2007

My Lost And Found Hobby - Photograhpy

My family and friends are commenting that I had been taking lots of photos ever since I do bloging. But not many know that actually Photography is one of my hobbies, which is now so ‘well-hidden’ that I myself almost forgotten it too.

It started off when I was in Sec. One, I joined this Photography Club as my ECA subject together with Jennifer. I remembered clearly that I was not able to afford one full set of camera equipment at that time, so my kind teacher – Mr. Gwee lend me the whole set which belongs to the school under one condition that I have to handle with care. Of course, I have to pay for my own negative firm and the fee of developing photos.

That was one of my happiest moments. We went to Sentosa (I remembered we went there at least 6 to 8 time in that year cos most entrance fee is free), Zoological, Botanical Garden, some event venues etc. Mr. Gwee taught us how to change the lens manually, how to focus when taking photos, how to capture the beautiful moments. How to insert the negative firm, how to take them out when using ‘half of the firm’, how to put it back again when need to use the same one etc. How we can learn to be more patient and observant during the photo shooting.

OMG! It almost slipped off my mind that I ever knew all these before, after so many years busily with other things in life. Or perhaps so use to the user-friendly digital camera, just a click will do.

This good memories last for only a year cos Mr. Gwee decided to retire on our 2nd year, and the club was handed over to another teacher. It did not last long too due to whatever reason which I can’t recall. Eventually the borrowed camera set need to return to the school, and this hobby of mine ‘left’ me just like this.

Years later, I managed to get my own 2nd hand camera set from my friend and the passionate appeared again. I went around in Singapore to take photos (esp the Zoo cos I love taking photos for animals) most of the time, alone. But life was a bit tough for me to continue this hobby, so after few years later, ‘we’ broke up again.

Till today, with the small digital camera, it brings me a little more memories back to the past. I wish I could get a better functions digital camera one day and continue this little hobby again.

Sometime, life is too busy and rushes for us to stop down and have a good look at our surrounding. CAPTURE THE MOMENT IN LIFE is what I always hope I can do in my life.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just Another Sunday

Forget to 'show off' my new big sunglass that bought yesterday. My sister found it was too big but I like it cos it covers fully of my eyes. Must protect my skin when under the sun.

Went to Causeway Point to buy toys for special friend's kids. Wow, thousand of choices to chose from, now I know how kids can be easily spoilt nowsaday. We do not have this kind of luxury when we were young so we will tend to buy more for own kid (I think somehow it like buying toys for them to'compensate' our childhood).

After that, we went to Gelare Cafe for a Waffle to have our own luxury too.

Just another lazy Sunday.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bakerzin at Paragon

Jennifer is leaving town to Australia for her short business trip, so I met her for meal at Bakerzin at Paragon since I have not seen her since her birthday. Well, this is my vegetarian pizza but somehow it didn't look like pizza.
(But I love it, will come for it again next time)

Jen 'half-eaten' seafood Spaghetti (She enjoyed a lot)

My Illy Expressso

Jen's hearty Cafe Latte

Our usual self-taking photo

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ching Ming - A Day To Remember Our Ancestor

Of course, I believe our ancestor will always on our mind. Time flies, in fact it been 17 years since my dad left us.

As usual, we went to pay him a respect at Guang Ming Shan (near Bishan Park). Unlike most of the people there, we did not buy a lot of 'paper hell money note, car, accessories' to burn, just one simple package which include some Hell Money and Shirt. But I do hope one day we can use fresh flower and fruits to replace all these traditional praying items.

Met my third aunt and my cousins, so we went to pay a respect to our third uncle too.

The places was expected over-crowded, but after so many years of experiences, the temple (is it right to call as 'temple'?) have better arrangement. Cisco was there to maintain the vehicles flow, tents were built to reduce the heat for us during our praying, workers were there to help to send (burn) all our 'gifts to ancestors'. So with all these arrangement, it made our praying more smoothly than ever. Just one problem that alwas difficult to settle, the parking lots. We had to park our car at Bishan park (and we were already lucky enough to get a lot there). As they located a big place to have all the things burn and there I saw this poor tree, with the black smoke burning out from the pike, all the leaves were dry and I can feel that tree is crying. "Oh pls, dont get this so near to me, I am hurting." My heart sink too. Frankly speaking, we are harming the environment when keeping the traditional way of praying.

The Co-op Dinner + Movie

I missed this Co-op dinner for the past two years, so of course I will want to attend this Co-operative General Meeting Cum Dinner this year at Dragon Gate Restaurant at Harbor Front. Nothing special, just like any other company annual dinner, food with lucky draw. Our door gift was a ‘big’ one, a rice cooker. Too bad I am not lucky enough to get any lucky draw gift. But this Indian DJ is good, not only he speaks English and Malay, he also speaks good Mandarin too.

Since we are only next to Vivo City, special friend and I went for mid-night movie ‘The Reaping’ after the dinner.

A former Christian missionary, who lost her faith after her family was tragically killed, has since become a world renowned expert in disproving religious phenomena. But, when she investigates a small Louisiana town that is suffering from what appear to be the Biblical plagues, she realizes that science cannot explain what is happening, and she must regain her faith to combat the dark forces threatening the community.

Director: Stephen Hopkins
Main Cast: Hilary Swank, David Morrissey, AnnaSophia Robb
Genre: Thriller/ Drama

My Rating: **

I feel.......... before watching this movie, I have absolutely no idea what is this all about. Watch this cos it suit our timing, ha ha, I guess this is how we choose a movie sometime. Christianity and faith involved, but don't really like tis movie. Guess it does not suit my 'taste'.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Learning Process

When life is down and seems a little tougher than your usual days, normally we said this is a learning curve that will make us a stronger person. Cause we all knew that in learning process, it is never easy and relaxing as we wish them to be (Oh I believe my most happiest moment in learning was during Kindergarden time). So by thinking and react more positively, life will be more cheerful and the sky looks brighter.

So during every stage of my learning, regardless in life or at work, I always hope that I can learn as much as I could, despite I might have different kinds of emotions at different stage of the process. Well, I don’t know is this a good and necessary sign (perhaps I am too emotional), but definitely I am heading towards getting a little more perfect each single day.

And this is what I always ask myself during my learning process: -

Observer – Am I observer enough to learn more than what I was taught or suppose to learn. Am I smart enough to get it understood at the shortest time if I could be more observer.

Patient – Am I patient enough when I was being left out or was told to wait. Knowing this is a test to see how patient I am, how much I can be endure with.

I do admit I am a quick-temper person; most of the time I am not patient enough to wait for just another second for thing to happen. Well, esp when you are at the junction when you have to wait a little longer for a person to guide you. I do believe as long as I am not learning to be more patient, I will always get this test. (Serve me right for not learning quick and smart enough, I guess)

Endure – When a person turns out to be a little unfriendly (as he/she have too many to handle), or instruction given was not clear. How should I endure and challenge these in friendlier way.

Hey, I do like this as this show how friendly a person is and how friendly am I too. And honestly speaking, a lot of Singaporeans are not as patient as they can be. Hmmm, I am one of them. Paiseh paiseh. But I am learning to be one, ok.

Complain – I am still confusing that when you mention to ‘somebody’ of whatever things that happened, is this consider complain. Or should I remain silent????

Frustration – And the above do make me feel frustrated and angry in my heart. Most of the time, it was ME who I am angry with.

See when facing my learning process, I do have plenty thoughts in my mind. Or perhaps I think too much (my friends always said I think too much and weird too). However, so far so good, at least my sky is still bright.

Newly Wed Couple at Bora Bora

Just receive this lovely photo from my Brazilian friend. In fact, Roy was from Netherland and he met this sweet Brazilian lady, Tania when working in Brazil. The rest of the story, keep to your imagination.
Today, they are happily loving couple which I envy a lot. I always remember their friendliness, they brought us (with my best friend) to another small town - Penedo during my secondment. Too bad, very unlikely I will go back to Brazil again (not within these few years). Hope we have the opportunity to meet in another part of the world. Who knows, maybe Netherland. Hee hee.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Burning Off My Fats

Bad news, bad news. Just 3 mths away (since I am back home) and I had already put on almost 3kgs. This is one of the negative side when we are living in a country where foods are so delicious and full of variety. Even though I am a vegetarian, I still have lots of choices to decide. And this extra 3kgs (till today) is the 'good' result.

So, I continue to go gym as my last week plan, went to Ngee Ann Poly gym with my special friend. Slowly at this stage, I only run about 30mins on the treadmill and doing some stretching exercise. There is not big crowd when we reach there (we knock off at 4.30pm, reach there about 5 plus) and I love the little view of the swimming pool when running.

I decided to go there more regularly with my special friend, perhaps start from twice a week. To motivate each other, and at the same time I better watch out my diet. Greedy me have to cut down the portion of food and be more cautious of the calories I am putting into my body.

Monday, April 02, 2007

'Free' Lunch

Got a treat vegetarian lunch set from two colleagues, who are now officially our permanent col.

So nice of them, hee hee.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Choice For Vegetarian

I managed to reach on time to have dinner with my family on Sunday. We went to Sakae Sushi at North Point and then I realised that they also served Vegetarian Japanese Food, with more than 20 choices to select.

So a good news for Vegetarian, esp those who love to eat Japanese food.

Genting Highland - The Casino

I think it was more than 10 years ago that I first went to Genting Highland. SmileyCentral.comMy kakis decided to spend a weekend getaway there, nothing else but to go to Casino to try our luck
Basically I know nothing much of most of the games in the Casino, except the jackpot. But the only thing I know about the jackpot is to slot in your 'capital' and press, hoping to get more credit, that all. Genting looks the same as my last visit, except more games are computised. Now they dont have coin for you to exchange, but card to slot into the jackpot machine. I think the money (credit) run much faster than we used to insert the coins. At the end, my luck was not there.

During the journey to Genting, we stopped by for my favourite Basic Robbins Ice Cream. Too bad they don't have it in Singapore. Well, I didn't see them selling in Spore. If you does, pls let me know ok.
Took only few photos, nothing from Casino, of course.