Saturday, September 29, 2007

Human - Conscience

Read about what Ivy wrote in her blog 'Human' and I can't stop thinking about this case that really happened around me in this modern society.

One family stay a couple with age 50+ , the man's father and their maid in one HDB Flat. The couple have their little Yong Tou Fu stall in the market, which they need to wake up very early in the morning to begin their business almost everyday.

Health always alarm when age is catching up, and this goes the same to their father (in fact, the couple too). That's why the maid was employed to take care of him when they went for their business. One fine day, the father fell down and need to be hospitalized. Then this made the couple more busier as they will have to split into two shifts to do their business and visit their father in the hospital.

Hmmm, sound like the father have only one son that he need to depend on? No, this poor father have 1 more son and daughter and 2 grand-children, which they are all adults. You know, when elderly fall sick, normally they will want to see their love ones, and in this case is their grand-children. First, his daughter refused to pay a visit to his father in hospital (this is not the first time and most of the time she refuses to go back home to visit too), cause superstitous made her have this decision. As the animal of 'Goat' in Lunar year, she is not allowed to go any 'unlucky' places. Then she also forbidden her husband and her two children to visit him too. And it really happened, left the poor father keep missing them so much. She also refuse to help the couple to take care of their father, when the couple were busy with the business (the only business to feed the whole family). Keep saying all things will crash her if she touch it.


I can't believe this matter is happenning in Today's Singapore.

My first question is, where is her conscience been to? I do not know how the relationship between this father and daughter, but not as bad as I could imagine cos they still visit him during the Lunar New Year (or for the sake of doing only). But no matter what, shouldn't she have to respect her father when he needs their support most?

Secondly, the most annoying thing was that two grand-children didnt even bother to pay their grand-father a visit, not a single time, not even after their grand-father's request. I thought they are actually adults and can think at their own will, they can still visit their grand-father (with or without their mum's knowledge). Unless this is their will too. So, where is their conscience?

Third, less say of the father's son. Same too.

Forth, the worst thing is the man refuse the woman to have little gathering with her own sisters and brother when all her sliding wants is to have a small celebration for her birthday. Sometime I keep wondering, maybe with this kind of character, that's why the family ended up like this.


Then I asked myself where is my conscience and how much have I done for my family.

I treasure the moment with my family members, do not take them for granted and value them always, especially when they are still with us. At least we live in the present, and do not regret the past. I do believe the strong bonds between family do not come just like this, it take times and opportunity to build them day by day. And the opportunity is within our hands, so do not let the word 'busy' to push away every opportunity.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

September Fruity Day

Our company have Fruity Day every month (Is that so? I can't recall we have the fruit every month, hee hee)

This September, Banana has been adopted as the fruit of month. Here's are some of the benefits from eating banana.

There are two main varieties of bananas, the fruit or sweet banana and the plantain. The fruit banana is eaten raw out of hand when it turns yellow and develops a succulent sweetness with a soft, smooth, creamy, yet firm pulp. The plantain, a cooking banana, is also referred to as the meal, vegetable or horse banana. Plantains have lower water content, making them drier and starchier than fruit bananas.

The sugars in the banana are readily assimilated, and they contain many vitamins and minerals, and a great deal of fiber. They are excellent for young children and infants and are good in reducing diets because they satisfy the appetite and are low in fat.

Because they are so soft, they are good for persons who have intestinal disturbances, and for convalescents. Bananas feed the natural acidophilus bacteria of the bowel, and their high potassium content benefits the muscular system.Bananas are useful in the treatment of arthritis and gout. Bananas are suitable for overweight people as they contain practically no sodium. (But I thought eating too much banana will put on weight??????)


· Blood Pressure: This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, making it the perfect way to beat high blood pressure.
· Brain Power: Eating bananas at breakfast, break, and lunch in a bid to boost children’s brain power. Research has shown that the potassium-packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more alert.
· Heartburn: Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body; so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.
· Morning Sickness: Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Classmate -Benje's Birthday

Our study group bought him a haversack and took a group photo in the class, after our presentation.

We didnt get him birthday cake, so use bread as cake for him. Ha ha ha!

Then went to this Mushroom Park Restaurant for dinner.

We are ready to eat, of course mine is vegetarian which is on the other pot.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Celebration For My 2nd Elder Sister

Added on 19/09/07 - Few people been asking where we got this cake from. We know this shop from the TV program, HDB Tai Tai. Find out more from this website.

My sister turns 50 today, been through half the century in the world.

So we decided to buy her a Majong cake and dinner outside for little celebration. Nothing fantasy but I really enjoy this family moment.

My sister loves this cake design so much when she saw it, cos majong is her favourite hobby.

My sister & Sparkling next to her. Sparkling boy has been sitting there since the cake was on the table. Too bad, he can't take chocolate cake.
Family photo
No birthday present but at least she got one hangbao, ha ha.
Happy Birthday My beloved sister!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indonesia Earthquake Again

I felt my house was shaking last night when Indonesia was being attacked by the quake.

This morning close to 8am, I felt the same thing at work place (which is at Tuas area) again.

This time, me, my family members and colleagues didn't react much on the Singapore Tremors. Inside my heart, I am praying for God's protection to Indonesia. May they suffer the least from this natural attack.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sep 11. A day that all of us will always remember of the WTC incident in New York City 6 years ago.


But Today in 2007, I have two events going on.

First, is my beloved colleague - Johnny, last day of service in the company. Served more than 30 years here, I can sensed his feeling of 'unbearable to leave'. Well, all I can say is ALL THE BEST and GOOD LUCK to him. And will keep in touch with him.

Little group photo with him in the afternoon.

In the morning, our IQC team had our presentation for our company Innovation Month 2007. After 8 months of work hard within the team effort, we finally completed our project and presented our results successfully. CHEERS!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mars (Chocolate) starts using animal products

Attention to all vegetarian and muslim. All these chocolates no longer suitable for you.

Got this news from Ivy.

All the below Masterfood Company Chocolate Products (Mars) are no longer Halal. They started using Animal product rennet (the inner lining of the fourth stomach of calves and other young ruminants) in it for products that have expiry date after 1 st of October 2007.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Department and Company - What's the difference?

The conclusion "Are you working for the department or the company?"

This is what my colleague and I come out with this conclusion when we were talking about this, as one of our colleagues from the other department is trying to ask her not to involve too much of others work, even the asking is for the benefit of the company.

Hmmm, so should I work for my department or the company?????

Monday, September 03, 2007

Love More - Family or Pet?

We always know that dog is loyal to its owner; therefore we have many cases of good relationships between the owner and the

This story is more than just the owner and the dog…………….. because most of the time, the owner might not be the only person in the house to take care of the dog.

My house has a male dog own by my nephew, who took him quite a while to convince my elder sister to accept him adopting this dog couple years ago. The permission was granted under the condition that he have to take care of his own dog. Well, I do not wish to write the entire history of this story but today situation is, my sister do make the effort to walk the dog, feed the dog and play with the dog when my nephew is not around. I must say that she does like this dog a lot.

About one year ago, my nephew’s best friend bought a little female dog too. And since his friend is a regular visitor of our house, so is his dog. Dog behave like little kid, when there is company around they will be a bit more playful. Thing goes ok when two dogs travel to and fro of our house and his friend’s house often and we do have a lot of ‘dog’ topics within our conversations.

But recently, we highlighted once again of the problem that the dogs ‘mess up’ the house (of course not on their propose) and we wanted the owners to do ‘something’ about it. Of course we are not asking him to get rid of his dog but just want him to clear up the mess. I am not sure whether have they done something for it, but for what I see (when we say seeing is believing) I believe nothing was done. My elder sister and niece feel the same way and we began to tell my nephew. And he got so angry (perhaps we keep telling him ‘you better do something about it’) that he brought two dogs to his friend’s house and totally ignores his own family members.

And the morale of the story, is the dog more important to you than you own family members? I saw this kind of story over the TV program but when this really happen to your own self, it tastes sour. Maybe out of his love to the pet, he was too haste on his action, but have he ever thought of his mum’s feeling?

Sad (this is how I feel), when see one care more of his pet than his own family members, as lot of these cases happened around me. Well, what to say when this is also called LOVE.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

What A "Thoughtful" Saturday

As planned, I went for my rebonding hairdo in the afternoon at Toa Payoh Central, at my usual saloon.
When special friend and I were on our way to MRT station, we passby the HDB hub and saw this "Remaking Our Heartland" exhibition, showcases rejuvenation and regeneration strategies for New, Middle-Aged and Old estates. Out of curiosity and to find out what will happen to my living estate - Yishun, I went in to take a look. Beside, the new building of the hospital, there will be library at this new extension of North Point (Completion by 2008) . Reservior and park will be expected too. Even the empty land just next to my house will be building more private housing too. What a change to be expected in near future.

Then we went to the computer fair at Suntec City, as I wanted to buy new MP3. Too bad, the one that I wanted to buy have run out of stock so we headed to Marina Square in order to avoid the crowd there. But at the end, we did not manage to watch any movie.

So we headed home and had quite a 'thoughtful' conversation during our journey home. Special friend mentioned that I will ended up to be 'someone' (so happen that this person is someone unwelcome to most of our colleagues) if I do not change my character. I will be just like her 10 years later cos I actually 1/3 behave like her now. It's fact, I know what my character is but hurtful to hear someone close to say that.

To me, just a coincident to meet someone who have similar character in the same office.
To me, it's a good thing to meet her so that I know I need to change (cos I got the chance to look at my future now), better for my own personality.
To me, it take time to change..... but how long is a big question and I think I should give myself shorter than I had previously gave myself.

So I will have to be more serious in my self-improvement cos it seems that I have not been doing good enough.