Saturday, October 28, 2006

Memory Flashback Begin Page 12

Home........but to Paris 1st on 15 Aug 05

I must admit one thing. I never have or think I will feel so homesick ever since I had been here (Godness me, I still feel the same way till today). So when the return date to Singapore finally arrive (so-called home leave, but eventually we still need to apply our own annual leave), I was overjoyed. Maybe partly because I can have a day trip in Paris with Dawn.

We bought the Day Ticket at Euro 16.50 and took the train from airport station all the way to ............ sorrie I can't recall the station now, hee hee. Then we took this boat ride at Euro 8.50 for about 1 hour plus ride (funny thing, why I can remember the price so well instead of any names. I think it's either I am better at figure or I am more $$$ minded person, ha ha ha)

But frankly speaking, I don't quite like Paris.

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