Monday, October 30, 2006

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Pousada Araras over weekend 24-25 June 2006

Somewhere at Petropolis, there is a good restaurant - Trutas do Rocio that served good fish (Of course I had my special vegetarian mushroom pasta). It is a private property where the owner have a pond to feed the fishes and a small restaurant to serve customers. We even got the owner's invitation to visit her house right behind the restaurant. I love her kitchen although I don't cook

Then we had a walk near the restaurant. As this is those mountain area, it was quiet and with few big houses. Edward wanted to look for Pousada and he saw one big house that look like one. Immediately he walked in to ask since the gate was opened. Who knows it turned up to have at least four big black dogs running towards him. We all panic and were ready to run ..... but luckily the owner was behind them. Stopped them and asked us how we ended up here. Then very friendly of her to invite us for a cup of tea and to visit her house. I am telling you this, this will never happen in Singapore. So we all went in and walk around the garden for a while before reaching her house. The best impression that I had was the 3D Buddha Face which the owner said she bought it from Indonesia.

After having good time with the friendly Brazilian (but we ended up no tea served), we drove to Pousada Araras for a night stay. We were lucky to be there at that time as the flower looks so beautiful in Winter, just like in Japan.

Click on the link to view the photos and you know how beautiful it is.

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