Tuesday, November 14, 2006

8th Wonder of the World - LOVE

Yesterday I received a photo of my friend’s new born baby, together with her husband and their elder girl. A photo of LOVE, I can feel it!

LOVE - a wonderful thing in the world.

We are always surrounded by different kinds of love, it is so close to us that sometime we neglect it, we forget about it or even we begin to hate it. Only when we lost it forever or far away from our love, then we realized our LOVE in our heart.

That’s how I began to realize myself when I am so far away from my home, my country (See my Homesick=Love). Then I began to learn to fall in love everyday. I do miss my love from home but I am having new love from this beautiful country. With their friendliness, helpfulness and fun-loving, I feel myself getting more and more beautiful each day. Why not? I feel myself more cheerful and younger with the passion here and I love it. Well, sometimes I do feel a bit bore but when I breathe in the air of LOVE, I will start to smile again.

Of course, it is not easy to build up and maintain each LOVE. It takes everyone to do their part, to go through the difficulties in life that full of ups and downs, rich and poor. To live in the world that tragedy still happens each day, hungry still not yet vanish at foreign country and with the terrorism threat around us.

Yet only with all these, we learn to feel what LOVE is, to see how beautiful LOVE can be, to know that how strong we are with LOVE in our heart.

So, isn’t it great for each of us to stop a second and feel the LOVE in our own heart, around us and to spread our love? I believe everyone have the 8th Wonder of the World in our heart – LOVE.

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