Monday, November 27, 2006

Busy Weekend

It has been quite a busy weekend for me as I need to prepare for the next coming Wed.

Had a little spring cleaning in my apartment. Went to supermarket Sendas to stock up a bit this and that cos basically my apt is almost empty except for some instant noodle. But at the end I didnt really buy a lot of food, still though of getting Chocolate Haagen-dazs Ice-cream but only Strawberry favor is available.

As iI needed to shift back my personal effect back to Singapore, I had started to pack them into the carton as I believe I will have no much time to pack for the next weekends. So now I am looking forward for Wed to arrive, hee hee.

P.s, could you believe that I got at least 3 mosquito bites while writing this in my living god!

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