Sunday, November 19, 2006

Precious Moment

A few people been mentioning this to me. I should stay another two years in Brazil to earn a little more for my future house while I am still young (after all this is one of the reason why I am here). This sounds good but I could prefer to have a time frame for each matter.

Look at the world!!

In the perfect world, you and your love one stays together in a perfect comfortable house in your loving country. Life is perfect without much to worry and stress to handle. You are a happy person because this is what your dream is.

But in the reality world, you need to work hard to fulfill your dream and happiness, which might not only involve your feeling but secure too. You want to provide a nice place to stay, a satisfy asset for your living and most importantly, a good quality in life. Slowly you began to spend more time and effort at work to achieve your dream. Then realized you need more than that, to challenge your work to prove your own capability, to invest more than you should be doing at the first place to make your dream come true even faster.

So you think, why not I go for overseas assignment for just 2 years to earn more and at the same time, to expose more experiences in life. Since you are young and happiness seem willingly to wait for you, there you go far away from your family. You began to gain a lot from overseas and (perhaps) slowly forget of what you have lost in your country. Time flies, so maybe your 2 years become 4 years or 6 years. Everything seems fine cos your happiness is still up there waiting for you. But aren’t you forgetting something, money is important in life but money can’t buy the precious moment for you and your family. And can happiness really wait for you for that long or forever?

I remembered my father had to spend most of his time at work to earn just enough to raise us when he was alive. So I hardly have any impression with him since young but I always hope that he can spend more time with me. Well, this dream can never fulfill now, so I tell myself that I will want to appreciate each moment with my family in future. That’s why I always give myself a time frame for each assignment and when time’s out, I will want to go back to my own country and family and friends, to have precious moment with them.

So I just don’t want to miss this opportunity for another 2 years

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