Friday, November 17, 2006

Where Do You Stand?

I was talking with my special friend and we are in the conversation “Do you know where you stand?”

I hate myself when I am lost because it proved how helpless I am (no one like to feel helpless right?). So I always tell myself to know what I want to do in life, for both my physically and spiritually. I may not doing the best but I will want to do my best (with some laziness that I am not suppose to have, I know this is my bad point :p). But when my objective seems so clear and bright, some suggestions given made me like an idiot again.
I know that I must save whatever I can now, in order to buy a nice and comfortable house when I reach age 35 (for those who are unfamiliar with Singapore regulation, being single I need to reach 35 before I can buy my own flat from Singapore Government). Then some suggested I should invest on Public Property which needs to pay at least double of what I can get from the government. Sound great but there is a lot more to think on my own capability, as I am not paying only for the installment. Perhaps this is too big a project for me to invest.

At work, what do I want to do when go back to Singapore? Since I am from Supply Chain Management background, it will be good to learn more things in various areas. I have so much to explore other than buying, and frankly speaking, I can’t give an answer where I should go or what I should be doing right now. Then question asked “If you want to continue your study, you should know what you want to do then?” To complete a degree course is my dream and I took quite a while to fulfill this dream (if I could ever complete it), so I never think of what to do after the course. Then question asked “If you want to establish your career in SCM, this company might not suit you.” Then what, do I need to quit and get a job which can suit 100% of SCM? I always believe each job assignment has something for me to learn and understand; it’s just whether I like it or to continue or not. So before I know what happen, shouldn’t I be giving myself a chance to find out more before I decide and know Where Do I Stand?

It is always good to have clear vision on our objectives in life. But when we are in the cross zone during the journey, I believe ones need some time to realize where they are standing and how they should continue their path. I guess I am in the cross zone now…….. not totally lost but need some time to figure out a better road to carry on.

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