Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chile - Puerto Montt

Flying again. Sometime how I wish we have wings like the bird, can fly freely without going thru the custom and tight sercuity. Take up too much of our precious time, especially during vacation. We left hotel at 7am to catch the plane. The counter requested every customer who have E-ticket to E-check in and get our boarding pass first, before checking in our luggage over the counter.

We created no fuss and did what were told. After trying 1st time, 2nd time and 3rd time, we gave up. The computer can only read and issued my boarding pass, there was no sign for Jennifer. So our tour driver helped us to find out but still we have to queue up the line which suppose to check in our luggage after the E-check in. After telling the girl what happened, she said she cant do anything for Jen (as this line can ONLY check in luggage) and simply just checked in one of our luggage with my name. Then said "NEXT, PLS"

Can you imagine that??? So our tour driver (good service, he really want to ensure we check in successfully) get into another counter, and finally the girl got to issue Jen's boarding pass in 'traditional way'. She mentioned that because Jen's name was too long for the computer to read. One thing I forget to mention, Jen's name was different in each country we visited and not a single one is correct, even on the air ticket. For your info, if your name appear different from your passport and air ticket, you are not allow to get your boarding pass, less say to aboard the plane. Money is required to correct the wrong in my country.

Anyway, after this little unexpectation, we reach Puerto Montt safely. It had been raining and feel cold since arrived Hotel Colonos Express. Asked for vegetarian restaurant and luckily got one near the hotel and the lake too, Govinda Restaurant which they served organic food. It become the most expensive meal for our trip but quite worth it.

Walked around the town after heavy lunch but cant go far due to the wet day and my poor body system who can no longer handle these hot and wet weather, I fell sick 'finally'. But before heading back to the hotel, we went to this little fair. So happen to see someone do some colourful thread on their hair and found it interesting, so both of us did the same too. Have a look here!

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