Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jennifer at Petropolis

02 Dec 2006
The weather forecast MOSTLY CLOUDY both at Rio and Petropolis, therefore I had been prayed very hard during the night before, hoping our plan can go on with good weather.

Thanks God! I was so happy to be welcome by the sunny morning when I woke up on Sat morning. We went to my usual laundry and breakfast before we heading to Petropolis. This time we went for a quick shopping first at the Centro before lunch. Jen and I got a lot of simple sleeveless tops and pants at a very reasonable price, while Jimmy and Zeon went for coffee. Aiyo, I had forgotten to take a photo of what I had bought.

But definitely did not forget to take photos outside the restuarant which I enjoyed more than the food, hee hee.

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