Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Penedo & Logoa with Roy and Tania

03 Dec 2006
It is very difficult for me to plan a getaway trip as I do not have a license to drive (even if I have, I don't think I dare to drive in Rio). One of my colleagues promised to bring us to Penedo, which was recommended a good place to stay over the weekend. Too bad she can't make it due to her work, so I asked Roy for this favor. As I wanted so much to give Jennifer the best stay in Rio, trying to do my very best in whatever way I can.

Roy and his wife agreed to bring us there on Sun, they never been there too. So happened that Zeon can't make it last minute too, so ended up only four of us went ahead. We drove 2 hrs to reach this small town. Nothing much there but a perfect place for relaxation during the weekend, simply doing nothing. We walked along the street, relaxing ourselves and had a good time there. We had our lunch and Ice-cream there before returning back to Rio.

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Surprisely, Roy drove us to Logoa since Jen has not been there yet. A good place for family outing. We went there to have a little walk and saw the Christmas Tree there, which they had it there last year too. Before going back, we had a drink but thanks to the mosquito (again), we are not able to enjoy much on the windy astomphere by the lake. We hurried settled the bill and leave the place before more mosquito bites on our legs.

Well, thanks to Roy and Tania for the pleasant hospitality. We had a wonderful time!!!!

Lagoa is an odd neighborhood, as the focus is the big lagoon (Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas) that drains into the ocean between Ipanema and Leblon. For the majority of Cariocas, this is primarily a recreation area. They come to walk, cycle, inline skate, or run the 8.5km (5 1/4-mile) pathway that circles the lagoon. In the afternoon and evening, the neighborhood's pleasures become more hedonistic as people come to the many waterside kiosks to grab a drink, have some food, or listen to a group play live music.

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