Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Good Appetiting Food and My Poor Shoe

Look at my dinner dishes, which having with my family.

My vegetarian fish bee hoo soup, vege bee goreng, vege satay and vegetable. Wow see the huge variety I can choose from in Singapore.

But I was so sad to see my poor shoe being biten by Gigi (my neice's little doggie). This was one of the most expensive pair which bought from Brasil. Now no choice but have to throw it away..........


zeezee said...

Wah.. that shoes, isnt it the one we bot in Rio Sul on National day's celeb. Oh no! muz be heartpain ler.... Next time muz hide ur shoes from Gigi.

Pauline said...

Ya lor, heart so pain.Beside I only wear for few times :'( My sis alr hide all the shoes fm Gigi.