Friday, January 19, 2007

Our flight return to SG

Each time I went to and from Rio, I will have to transit in Paris for a day (arrive in the morning and wait till mid-nite forthe next flight). Obviously this will be my last transit in Paris since I am not returning back to Rio (not for the time being).
We reached the France airport around 8.10am and went through the custom as usual in order to get some rest in the hotel. Jimmy was 'caught' by the custom and I waited for him for almost 1hour, not knowing what's going on. Begin to worry for him and at the same time, not knowing what I should do if....... Luckily he was out when my worry became eager, he told me cos he is holding the latest design of our Singapore passport (with hard cover) and the custom officers had never come across (?????? well, all kind of reasons given for that).
Then we went to Champs-Elysees in the afternoon after a small break in the hotel. Little drops of rain but did not stop us from shopping, hee hee or maybe it's me tat did not stop from to buy LV bag which I been wanted to buy one as a reward for myself over the years. We went for lunch at this high cost environment which cost both of us Euro 51.00. Took some PHOTOS even thought it's raining. I bought myself one LV bag & wallet, ha ha so happy with it.
Jimmy's adventure did not end in the morning (which I thought normally only when you enter that country). When we board onto the plane, I waited for him for almost 20mins, again not knowing what's going on. Then he said he was being asked "How much did you carry in cash", "Why...." etc. Sigh, what a day for him.

But most importantly is we reach home safely and I even got a bowl of bean curd in Singapore airport before returning home.

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