Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend For Tiny "Make-Over"

Life is always busy in Singapore. And now when I am back home, there are so many things for me to do.

I went for my hair rebounding on Sat, look much better and I like it so much. Then went to Karaoke with my friend, singing all old songs cos I had lost track of the new one. Hee hee.

On Sunday I went for facial treatment, costs me a bomb when signing for the package. But it can last me for more than two years if I attend only once course each month. Well, we can’t stop our age to increase each year. But with the technology today, we can slow down our aging surface with more than just egg white applying on our face and cucumber on eyes etc.

I reach home around 10pm and suddenly I realize the weekend is so short. It really makes a great difference to work on Sat, even though it is half the day. Now, I miss those days when working for five days.

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zeezee said...

how abt a pix of ur new look? (^_*)