Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's All About Communication

Last day of working before our CNY, a small group of us from the same section had a short unofficial meeting. Nothing serious happened, just wishing each other all the best in the coming new year and a gentle reminder of the importance of communication.

Since the born of the email arrived, it has been giving us much more convenience in work life but at the same time “WAR” too. Don’t you agree? A lot of us mis-used the benefit of the email – a click away to send your mail (sometime can be a very long and sarcastic one) to whoever you want, even bcc, when most of the time a short communicate can be resolve. These situation happens to everyone almost every day, despite you are the one who do so or you are the victim. And when this happened to us, we began to wonder why…….here are some of the reasons I can think of.

a) Well, I am too lazy to walk over to the other party.
b) He/She is an idiot; I hate to see his/her face, less say to talk to him/her.
c) Why should I go over to his/her place, such a nobody to me.
d) I want to make sure my boss knows that I am working, real hard.
e) Well, someone out there should know I am knowledgeable.
f) I want him/her to be in deep shit.

Well, I believe there are thousand more reasons for a person to do proposely or unintensively. 'Devil' will want the situation to get worst, while 'Angle' will help to softer it. Luckily I met the 2nd one to make our life more beautiful today (Hope I have my guidence to guide me always). Nevertheless, I always believe communication is still important in today's world, even we speak lesser each day now.


Cool Insider said...

Hi Pauline!

Have a blessed and wonderful Chinese New Year, filled with porcine pleasures, ham-some moments, and lots and lots of pigging out! Thanks for being a wonderful friend and a part of my world.

Lots of good cheer and oinks oinks from the cool insider.

Pauline said...

HI Walter, thanks for your blessing. I wish all the best to you and your family too.
I will start my good year (heard it is a good year for those born in year of tiger) with 'good communication'.