Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Changes - The Traffic

Today was my first day to begin my part-time degree SCM course. Estimated my traveling time but at the end, the feeder bus took longer than I had expected. So I had left no choice but to take cab.

Since my return, I saw and feel a lot chances in homeland. Another change is the increasing of the vehicles, due to the main reason of lower COE which let more people able to afford to buy a car. So since then, no matter what time I passes by the expressway like CTE (most of the time on the cab), the journey will definitely slowed down. The speed is very much different as compared, perhaps two years ago. Sometime I felt myself back in Brazil (they do have this problem during peak hour) or Bangkok. The vehicle can only travel around 40 to 50km/h on expressway, and many red lights (decelerating speed) ahead can be seen.

I know there have few new fly-overs and public transport like CCL is building now. Hopefully this can ease off the pressure of heavy traffic.

P.S For your info, the longest jam I ever had is in Rio, took 3 hrs to travel 13km (the Niteroi bridge) and I do not wish to break any of this record again.
And......course start = assignment


Cris Mattos said...

Hi Pauline!

I was just spending some time on you blog, looking around... Your comments on the Niteroi bridge was great! I live in Niteroi and I am very familiar with that trafic. The reason why I was always taking the speedboat back home!!!

I am going to Brazil on the 16th, coming back on the 4th to Singapore. Hope to see you after Easter Holiday?



Pauline said...

I normally took the Jumbo Cat back home when my boss is not around.