Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RefreshING Life

I am having a "refreshing" life now.

At work, I am in the piping world. From commercial transfer to engineering dept - piping section and is giving a great opportunity to learn from the ground. I know nothing about technical piping, so now I am trying my best to survive in all different systems of piping needed for each project.

At life, my SCM course just began. My last touch of textbook was 3 years ago, and now with little memory of being a part-time student, I am once experiencing the busy life for studying again.

So far so good. Just hoping my dark circle doesn’t stick on with me again.


Cool Insider said...

Change can either be a fun new adventure or a scary nervous road ahead. This depends on our own attitudes and the spirit of how we embrace it. For me, I thrive on different situations and relish any opportunity to do something different and unique wherever I may be. That's the only way to make work fun and meaningful.

Pauline said...

I agreed and hope my 'cheerful' attitude towards this fun adventure continues.

zeezee said...

Jia You Jia You Jia You!!

Jason Ho said...

but good to move around the organisation man...I would love to have the opportunity to move around where I am but the management ain't agreeing with it...

so I think I am going to have to leave before I go crazy doing the same things..which erm..could be quite soon..~crosses fingers~

All the best man Pauline!! Aza Aza Fighting!!

Pauline said...

Yes, with all the couragement from you guys and my friends and colleagues, I will continue to Jia You.
Xie xie.