Friday, March 09, 2007

Waiting - A Test For Your Patience

I hardly slept well last night, and thanks a lot to my bad cough. Been so terrible that I couldn't wake up at 5.00am to go work, so I decided to visit the doctor again which I knew I need to go one more round of waiting process in Polyclinic.

If not because my company can only accept MC from Polyclinic (or our company doctor), I don't think I will want to go there ever. This round, instead I could go home earlier since I arrived there early, I reach home almost noon, hungily and restless.

8.11am - Pre-registration

8.14am - Got my 2080 number at the registration counter.

8.15am - I sat outside the room, waiting for my number to appear. At this time, the computer system show "The averagely waiting time for a patient to see a doc is 29mins". I was quite satisfied then.

9.00am - Saw the "next door" doctor already seen two patients, my doc still seeing one patient. I though maybe this doc is very detailed one, need more time. And now "The 1hr". I felt, well this is norm.

9.30am - "The averagely ........... is 1hr 30mins". A bit impatient but I tell myself to cool down cos I should have expected.

10.10am - "The 1 hr 50mins"..... until "....2hrs" when I found myself getting weaker and hopeless. I almost wanted to go off and just go back office to apply annunal leave. Talked to the staff there to check what happened, but she just nodded her head and do nothing. Maybe this is really norm to her too.

10.45am - Finally my turn, took this young doc less than 5 mins to decript my medicine and MC.

10.50am - Got 1052 number at the Phamarcy counter and waited for 30mins to get my medicine. I almost fainted due to hunger or anger, prehaps.

11.40am - Reach home and wondering.............have I been to a war just now. I felt so tire. I dozed off after taking some food and medicine.


oceanskies79 said...

Get well soon.

Cool Insider said...

Aiyoh.... looks like a terrible waiting experience. I am surprised though that your company only recognises MCs issued by polyclinics. Wouldn't there be a panel of private GPs that are part of a health management system?

Pauline said...

Yap, cos our office have company doctor here every morning or unless we go to their clinic which is at downtown. Too early and too far for me to do either one, so left no choice to visit one at Polyclinic.

Anyway, I am still recovering. Coughing is one sickness that take longer time to heal.