Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When The World Feels Shaking

Finally, I lost to the virus attack. I felt sick in the morning, so I went to Polyclinic (cos my company can only accept Polyclinic Medicial Cert) to visit Doc.

My last visit to Polyclinic was like two years ago. I can see there are improvement done although the waiting time from my registration to collecting medicine remains the same, averagely two hours. Now they are using barcoding system for every counter which save the time to key in your particular data. The doctor will type the medicine decription into the computer instead of writing. Most important part is (which I find it a bi crazy too) the MC that the doctor issued will not be valid till we got a stamp on it. It will only be done when we paid for the treatment. I was told they do so cos a lot of people did not go and collect their medicine after taking the MC, which their whole idea is to get the MC only.

From 9.20am to 11.20am, I feel so tire then.

When I reach home around noon, I was preparing myself a sandwich that I felt shaking, a sudden giddy too. My niece feels the same too. Immediately I guess there must be something happenning to our neighbour country. True enough, a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.3 shook Indonesia's Sumatra island. As a result, many parts of Singapore and Malaysia feel the tremors.

This was the first time I feels the tremor. My heart beats faster and so afraid something will happen to us. This little tremor is enough to scare people, I can't imagine how people feel over at Indonesia.

Then again, around 2 plus I feels the tremor again. This time immediatley I prays, not for me but for those up there who might be more scare than I do.

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