Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Choice For Vegetarian

I managed to reach on time to have dinner with my family on Sunday. We went to Sakae Sushi at North Point and then I realised that they also served Vegetarian Japanese Food, with more than 20 choices to select.

So a good news for Vegetarian, esp those who love to eat Japanese food.


Cool Insider said...

How is the standard of the vegetarian food in Sakae Sushi? Unfortunately, I don't find their sushis very extraordinary.

You know, I may one day be a vegetarian like you, as I have been reading about all the processes that go behind animal husbandry and the overfishing which is killing our fishes. However, the mind is willing but the flesh is very weak leh....

Pauline said...

Hmmm, frankly speaking, nothing special there. Just another choice for vegetarian to go for Jap food. Cos those of the Jap rest dont serve vege food, that's one of the reason why I seldom go Jap rest.

Hooray, I support you to become a vege. I think determination is important but sometime I do hope ppl dont think too much when thinkins of becoming one. Cos you will just to think more excuses for yr body to refuse it. But keep it up this idea and hope u success one day.

Good luck!