Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Earth Day Is Coming

from the courtest of http://www.cafepress.com/johnnydesigns

Frankly speaking, I know nothing about this Earth Day which falls on 22th April. This is what it explains from the website: 'Earth Day is a name used by two different observances held annually in the (northern) spring, both intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment.'

But I believe each single day, we should remind ourselves of the Global Warning and do something. Alamak, I still have no time to buy the Reuse Bag yet SmileyCentral.com(Wake up man!!!)

So do you know this Earth Day? I wonder any special programme being held in Singapore on that day?


Cool Insider said...

Hey thanks for remind us all about Earth Day. I wonder what little I can do to protect this dear planet and especially nature which I love a lot. In our hectic existence balancing between work and family commitments, we sometimes have very little time to really admire and appreciate nature.

Perhaps it is time to make a trip back to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - one of my first true love during my undergrad days as a wannabe naturalist! Where is your favourite nature hangout btw?

Jason Ho said...

Wah...great that you posted an entry on Earth Day. I totally forgot about that since my reservist..keke..

So what I do on Earth Day? Did an island wide driving training of about 100km with a Land Rover and 3 Tonner. Yeah not very environmental but hey...last day of reservist..keke..

Anyhoo..my wish is that companies out there will remember the environment first before they make any management decision...:)