Monday, April 23, 2007

HSE Promotion Campaign

Our company HSE is promoting their safety campaign for "Free Hand Injuries Campaign" this morning, and all employees gathered in front of our building for the short ceremony. 7 staffs spoken in 7 different language to pass on the safety message.

Hand injuries occurred often in our company and I believe a lot of places too. So hereby just a little reminder to all my friends, always have to be careful at all times. I do have a few friends who got hand injuries before, and some were serious injured. Even a little paper cut hurt us too.

Always be cautious at all time.


Jason Ho said... stat board is also having a saftey day on Friday...everybody is being so safe ah..keke..

Pauline said...

Without safety, we get hurt easily in all ways since we are in the 'danger' world nowsaday, right?