Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend - My Study Day

As a part time student, I will have to spend most of my weekends studying. Luckily I still can go out for dinner after the class for this early stage of my study.

Had a sudden urge to eat steamboat so went to Lingzhi Vege Restaurant after class. But it was still early so for dinner so walked around this quiet business district.

Even the 'Food Museum' at Far East Square also too quiet.

Shared the Ice Mango with special friend before the dinner.

Then finally my vegetarian steamboat (Har, we already eating half way when taking this pic, it won't be so little variety, just for yr info) . Wow, eat until almost can't walk straight.

One thing I must complaint.......We went to search for Singapore Pool, thought they might not have it at that area, but at the end we managed to find one branch at China Square. Then we sat around the outside compound while waiting for the restaurant to open, I got at least 7 or 8 mosquito bites within 5mins time :'( Poor me.


Ivy said...

You finally got your steamboat... Special friend sure is lucky!!!

*Yum ~ Yum*

zeezee said...

haha... Miss-mosquito-favourite, next time bring ur insect repellant with u wherever u go!

Pauline said...

I will do so, buy mini one and bring it w me.
Now I am suffering from the itchiness liao.

Anonymous said...