Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When Things Gone...Still Remain Here

Remember I mentioned about the unforunate young girl who just passed away not long ago.

Her last published story on her blog has been read by more people and I saw read that too. I do not know her but she looked so sweet from the blog (I was told not to publish her blog address) More hints was told from her last story, at least she was not in the good health (as I was told she is in pink health) for the last few days as she complaint of having diarrhea, tough breathing, fainting, weak & dizzy etc. And she was facing a lot of stress at her new contract work due to heavy workloads and deadline etc. A lot of people also leave down their remarks after knowing she is not longer here.

Comments mentioned to sue the company and manager, some commented it's not the company fault, she should have to do something about it to handle her stress. Should quit and don't focus only on money etc. Each comment have their own opinion.

To me, I just pray for her to rest in peace.

I believe same incident happens around us, around the world. Work is important but health and family is even more important. So pls do not do nothing when you feel stress that you know you might not able to handle. Talk to your boss if you think you can't handle your workload, talk to your family or friends to ease the stress. We only live for once. So you decide, you can chose "Work to Live" or "Live to Work".


Jason Ho said...

actually ah..I was toking to my kakis about that yesterday during our break and said we must KLKK more often man...to circulate the blood.

Then if my boss ask me why I KLKK, I will just point to them the cut out of the article and say "Why? You want me to die ah?" kekeke...

This is gonna be fun... :P

zeezee said...

haha.. i have been practising that for quiet a while =)

Cool Insider said...

It pains and saddens me when young men and women in their prime pass away unexpectedly. I just came back from a wake of a guy, 35 years old and a director of marcoms who died from stage 4 liver cancer. He only knew about it in January and by then it was already terminal. Nobody could have seen it coming.

Life is too short to spend stressing up too much over work. As a friend, I also urge you not to go overboard with your studies and worry about it too much. Learn to manage the stress and remember to take breaks like walks along parks, a nice ice cream or two, and maybe a relaxing massage now and then.

Pauline said...

I will try to be more relax especially I need so during these few mths.