Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alarm Clock

I left home to work at 5.40am everyday, passing few blocks before reaching bus-stop. The street was quiet and I can count the number of people walking on the street. Familiar faces but seldom did any one of us greet to each other.

The street or I should say the car park that I pass by every morning was so quiet that I can hear the ringing of the alarm from one of the windows. Ring….ring….ring…ring… but no one seems to be wakening up in that room. Hearing the ringing continue, I began to wonder did this wake the neighbours instead. Ha ha ha.

So coincidently, I was talking about waking up in the morning as special friend has been sleeping late recently.

SF: “I guess my alarm clock is not working.”
Me: “Alarm clock? I set my HP alarm to wake me up since they have this feature on the hp.”
SF: “Using HP? I don’t think this can wake me up.”
Me: “Well, then set to the loudest voice lor. Can always give it a try”
SF: “……..” (No reply)

Now I know why some people prefers alarm clock, you might need one that is loud enough to wake your neighbour before waking yourself.

Check out for the top ten most annoying alarm clocks.


Ivy said...

Oooowwwwwww... These gadgets are so adorable.


Pauline said...

Ha ha, maybe you could like to get one of them.