Saturday, September 29, 2007

Human - Conscience

Read about what Ivy wrote in her blog 'Human' and I can't stop thinking about this case that really happened around me in this modern society.

One family stay a couple with age 50+ , the man's father and their maid in one HDB Flat. The couple have their little Yong Tou Fu stall in the market, which they need to wake up very early in the morning to begin their business almost everyday.

Health always alarm when age is catching up, and this goes the same to their father (in fact, the couple too). That's why the maid was employed to take care of him when they went for their business. One fine day, the father fell down and need to be hospitalized. Then this made the couple more busier as they will have to split into two shifts to do their business and visit their father in the hospital.

Hmmm, sound like the father have only one son that he need to depend on? No, this poor father have 1 more son and daughter and 2 grand-children, which they are all adults. You know, when elderly fall sick, normally they will want to see their love ones, and in this case is their grand-children. First, his daughter refused to pay a visit to his father in hospital (this is not the first time and most of the time she refuses to go back home to visit too), cause superstitous made her have this decision. As the animal of 'Goat' in Lunar year, she is not allowed to go any 'unlucky' places. Then she also forbidden her husband and her two children to visit him too. And it really happened, left the poor father keep missing them so much. She also refuse to help the couple to take care of their father, when the couple were busy with the business (the only business to feed the whole family). Keep saying all things will crash her if she touch it.


I can't believe this matter is happenning in Today's Singapore.

My first question is, where is her conscience been to? I do not know how the relationship between this father and daughter, but not as bad as I could imagine cos they still visit him during the Lunar New Year (or for the sake of doing only). But no matter what, shouldn't she have to respect her father when he needs their support most?

Secondly, the most annoying thing was that two grand-children didnt even bother to pay their grand-father a visit, not a single time, not even after their grand-father's request. I thought they are actually adults and can think at their own will, they can still visit their grand-father (with or without their mum's knowledge). Unless this is their will too. So, where is their conscience?

Third, less say of the father's son. Same too.

Forth, the worst thing is the man refuse the woman to have little gathering with her own sisters and brother when all her sliding wants is to have a small celebration for her birthday. Sometime I keep wondering, maybe with this kind of character, that's why the family ended up like this.


Then I asked myself where is my conscience and how much have I done for my family.

I treasure the moment with my family members, do not take them for granted and value them always, especially when they are still with us. At least we live in the present, and do not regret the past. I do believe the strong bonds between family do not come just like this, it take times and opportunity to build them day by day. And the opportunity is within our hands, so do not let the word 'busy' to push away every opportunity.

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