Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Celebration For My 2nd Elder Sister

Added on 19/09/07 - Few people been asking where we got this cake from. We know this shop from the TV program, HDB Tai Tai. Find out more from this website.

My sister turns 50 today, been through half the century in the world.

So we decided to buy her a Majong cake and dinner outside for little celebration. Nothing fantasy but I really enjoy this family moment.

My sister loves this cake design so much when she saw it, cos majong is her favourite hobby.

My sister & Sparkling next to her. Sparkling boy has been sitting there since the cake was on the table. Too bad, he can't take chocolate cake.
Family photo
No birthday present but at least she got one hangbao, ha ha.
Happy Birthday My beloved sister!


Ivy said...

I loves such moments... Family gathering!

Pauline said...

I love family gathering too!

Cool Insider said...

Looks like a great gathering. I always like family parties as they are comfortable, warm and easy.

BTW, did you guys err... "swim"?

Pauline said...

Ha ha, our family do 'swim' occasionally. To win "own family member's money".