Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Made In China (Restaurant) at Haw Par Villa

My group of colleagues and I went dinner at Made In China Restaurant at Hua Song museum, which consider a new place to me. First, I didnt know that Haw Par Villa is still open to public. Second, I didnt know that there is a fine dining Chinese Restaurant at this Hua Song Museum which we enjoyed the food a lot.

It's been at least a decade away since I went to Haw Par Villa. I remembered its used to be so crowded when it first opened after the renovation as a enternainment park. But due to several reasons, this became a failure project and now it's total opposite when we went there in the evening.

We managed to go for a walk at Haw Par Villa (now free entry except $1 for the 10 Courts of Hell) before our dinner and lots of memories flashed back. I remembered how we were told by the adults on different kinds of puishment we will get in return if we do any bad deeds. Today, as an adult, so many bad deeds (mentioned in the 10 courts of hell) that I had done, so how many good deeds should I do to pay back my sins. Oh oh.............................

So for those who might want to catch back some of your childhood memories, Haw Par Villa might be the right place for you.

Hmmm.....too bad I didnt bring my camera with me to take some good photos.

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