Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bring Me Home

The excitement does not dies off for the whole afternoon, so Sam and I decided to go to Vivo City and build-a-bear, and of cos I ask 'special friend' to tag along too.

Call me 'Crazy girl' or 'Childish' if you wants to but I really enjoying the process of building my bear. Although the price is not cheap too but this might be a lifetime thing that I am going to get this forever friend home, I think its worthwhile. (Hmmm, hope it's one time thing, or perhaps to buy more clothings for her). I thinks its more fun than the Barbie doll, hee hee.

The 'adventure' begins
Skin of the bear
Processing................. Rub the heart with your hands, make a wish and rub it again, then put this 'alive heart' inside the bear.
With 'Takini'
Ready! Bring me home, pls. Her name is Pao-Li-Nee
Home Sweet Home, I am going to hug her to sleep every nite. My elder sister first commended was "Aiyo, how old are you now to buy this bear."
Who cares, as long as its can melt my heart, age is just a number after all.


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