Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Increasing, increasing, increasing

We had been hearing this word for so many months for so many items except our salary.

I guess everyone will know of the increasing of COMFORT taxi fare up to 49% (during peak hour) by now. What can we do? Actually there is, to choose whether or not to take taxi (anyway sooner the other taxi companies will increase their fare too.)

But when the fare for MRT and Buses increase which will be coming out soon, there is really nothing for us to do cause we need to take these transport daily.

What to do? Face the fact and live with it, cos no matter how loud we going to scream out our thinking, no one is there to listen. All we can only do is to cut here and there, this and that in order to 'top up' the price for all increasing items.

So next year onwards is going to be a tight budget year for myself.

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