Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kammy Birthday

After our 1st lesson for second semester, we had a wonderful birthday celebration for Kammy, the youngest girl in our group.

Group photo at Roof Terrace with her birthday present (see the white bag she's carry with)

After 'gift presentation', we went dinner at N.Y.D.C, which I chose my favourite oven-baked pasta and lemon shiver.

Then we had a little surprise for her by bringing her to the open space of the fountain, while Yves and I went to collect her birthday cake and to delicate Birthday song (Suntec fountain have song delication service). Then present the cake while she was still in the shock. After eating the nice chocolate Mini Goldmint, we went to Eski bar for a drink. Too bad the birthday celebration didnt end till mid-night cos we still have class on Sunday.

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