Saturday, December 29, 2007

Short Trip To Tianjin

A last minutes call out from office to Tianjin on Christmas eve, which required me to fly on 26th Dec for three days. I had never been to China so I treat it as a short trip for myself although this is an business trip.
Nothing much of leisure for myself, except to bookstores and one museum tour in the cold snowing day. And since Tianjin have only one vegetarian restaurant (that they can find it), we went there for every meal especially for my preference. Thanks to the local vendor.

The weather was so hazey on my 1st day of arrival. Luckily it turned clear and I managed to return Singapore for my birthday celebration with special friend.


Cool Insider said...

Hey Pauline, I just came back from Beijing and my brother in law went to Tianjin during that same period too! Do you know him? His name is William Tan and he works in Keppel Land/ Corp.

Pauline said...

Hi Walter, glad to know that you enjoyed your Beijing trip.

What a pity that I do not know anyone from Keppel Land, and your bro-in-law too. Although we are from the same company name, but its from different business sector. We hardly meet anyone from diff business sector.

fiji live aboard said...

Tianjin is sure interesting to visit during the Winter season. Old Buildings are still the domain structures.

nasca hotels said...

I think if you have some more time to visit Tianjin, I think they have a lot to offer for tourist to look around and see the sights.