Saturday, December 15, 2007

SK Birthday Celebration

This weekend is SK birthday celebration that we planned for a month. Here it go..........

4.30pm - Class released, we headed to Sentosa directly by Jess's vehicle.
5.00pm - Rain pouring during the journey but we managed to reach Siloso beach within half an hour.
5.01 - 6pm - Before I reach Underwater World, I was 'half-wet' cos the Tram was not fully covered and my pant was totally wet. No choice but continue heading to the FishReflexology to get foot massage. At the end, the lady told us it's fully booked. Oh no, what a day in Sentosa. So we went back to Siloso beach and this time, I went to buy a short and slippery to ease off my uncomfortable feeling by wearing the wet pant.
6plus - Went for our dinner at Amis restaurant. Trust me, if you are not keen to watch the show - Song of the Sea (cos we can't get the ticket at 7.40pm, all sold out) which can be seen from the 2nd storey of this restaurant, don't go for the meal. It's expensive and small portion and most disappoint was, not much choice from the menu. Only 4 different types of spaghetti and 2 desserts, 2 side orders.
7.40pm - 'Song of the Sea' show began, and I enjoyed a lot
8.10pm - All of us walked down to Palawan beach where the birthday girl's husband and another classmate were there, giving surprise to SK, by lighting out SK on the beach. Of cos we did clear up the mess after that.
10pm - Heading to Habour front for supper cos dinner was not enough for me, hee hee.
10.30pm - Most of the shops had closed but Sonny still managed to buy me vegetarian sandwiches at Vivo City, so sweet of him.

Stage of the show - Song of the Sea
4 of the choices they have
Group Photo SK and I with the little SK and heart shape lighting

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