Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cabo Frio & Arraial do Cabo

At first I am hesitating to go Cabo Frio cos I was told it is another beach, and I am not very keen in it (or basically anything that need to explose under the sun. Am I a vampire or what??) But those uncles keep asking me to join in, I also don't know how to reject them. Well, thanks for their 'pestering' cos I do enjoy this Cabo Frio.

We left Niteroi around 10 plus in the morning, and reach there around 12.30 after travelled 167km. The weather was great for me, as the sun is not too strong and it is quite windy. I went to soak in the sea for a while (less than 5 mins) and then sit under the big umbrella for a nice coconut drink and peanuts. Lazy me, hee hee!!! Only KC went to swim after he bought a short, Iqbal and Edward did almost for the same as me.

Then we continue travelled further down to Arraial do Cabo, which Edward suggested to drive up the hill to have better bird view of the place. He said it is very beautiful and we will like it. He is right, I enjoyed the overall view of the city very much. Too a lot of photos but too bad, my poor photography skill took bad shots for most of them. Most of it was because of the strong sunlight facing the camera.

Then we went for dinner nearby which I had my pizza (as usual).

Talking about food, I had been curving for vegetarian steamboat for a long long time, sometime can think untill my tears almost drops.

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