Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Marry Or Not????

Monday, the first working day which a lot of people don't like it, that's why it is called Monday Blue. I think I am suffering a lot of Monday Blue here, my feeling always feel so down when reach Monday, but luckily we only need to work 3 days this week due to long weekend holiday.

Alright, why turn up to be marry or not??? While on our way back home, we were talking a lot and one of the topics were those TV programmes like Sex and The City. Then CK said he don't understand why when Carrie (Played by Sarah Jessica Parker) met such a nice guy, Aidan (Played by John Corbett), she still do not want to get marry. I said maybe some of them afraid to be married. This topic hit me cos I guess I am one of them, then I ask myself this question, should I say "Yes, I do" just because he is a nice guy. Staying together with that piece of paper is a big deal and betting to me. A lot of things have to consider for 'us' and especially kids, which I don't know how much I can handle with kids.

Anyway this situation didn't happen to me right now so why worry and think so much. Be happy is the most important thing.


zeezee said...

sometimes life is like dat, u might think u r not suitable for certain things, but only after u try, then u will noe whether u r able to do so. Who is actually cut out for everything? Probably we shall let nature takes its course, and make our choices when we need to.

Pauline said...

Ha ha ha, dont worry I will give a try if I feel I met my Mr.Right.