Saturday, October 28, 2006

Memory Flashback Begin Page 14

Nightmare at Paris Airport 01 & 02 Sep 2005

I remembered this very clearly.

We waited for our flight at 11pm on 01 Sep and after long waiting, they annouced the flight was cancelled (due to...... who cares!). Then they arranged every passenger one hotel room to check in to rest as the replaced flight is at 9am the next morning. We waited for at least another 1 hr for the airport staff to arrange the hotel room. A lot of passengers started to complaint at their slow response, and of course me too. But I only complained to Dawn, poor girl have to listen to my complaining most of the time (in Rio too). Well we checked into the hotel, it was already 1 plus.

Well, we were told to check in at 9am so we woke up early and had the breakfast in the hotel before departure. Trust me, any Asian hotel serve better breakfast than them. I lost my appetitte at once.

We ended up waiting for the flight AGAIN till almost noon. So we play around with the camera while waiting. Of course have to smile a bit in front of the camera but did not say cheese this time!

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