Saturday, October 28, 2006

Memory Flashback Begin Page 15

Visit to Rio Zoo on 18 Sep 2005

I always love to visit Singapore Zoo as I feel good and happy to see those animals well taken care by the staffs (I know they lost their freedom but well, have to think of the bright side).

So when I knew that we were going to Rio Zoo on that Sunday, I was very happy but it did not ended up the same feeling after the visit. The zoo was not very well maintain, both inside and outside of the cages. And the thing that I am most upset was most of the animals look so sick (except for the parrots) and they are all alone in the cage. Can't imagine how those big animal like lion and tiger etc, live in those small cage. I can even feel my heart is still hurting when I am writing this right now :'(

So for those who went to Singapore Zoo before, you should appreciate a lot on the efforts the park had put into it.

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