Saturday, October 28, 2006

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Corcovado - The Christ Redeemer 01 Oct 2005

I remembered the 1st poster I saw in Singapore about Brazil was this Corcovado. I feel so happy when I finally reach to the top of the mountain to be so close with the Christ.

Christ Redeemer

More than a postal card, the Christ Redeemer statue was deservedly elected by the city’s population as the "The Wonder of Rio". From the height of its 38 metres – plus Corcovado Hill’s height of 710 meters - the Christ is an image of faith and the friendly nature which is a characteristic of the people of Rio and of Brazil itself. The monument – which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2001 - was inaugurated on October 12th 1931, the date on which Brazilians celebrate Our Lady of Aparecida (national patron). Elevators and escalators take visitors to the statue’s base. The statue weighs 1,145 tons. Climbing up by way of a small train, along the Corcovado Railway – inaugurated by Brazilian Emperor, D. Pedro II in 1884, takes around 20 minutes

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