Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memory Flashback Begin Page 23

Hidden Friend Party on 12 Dec 2005

One of our Brazilian colleague, Monica invited us to this HFP to celebrate Christmas. So what she did was to invite us to sign up into a website weeks before the party, then the system will help us to chose our hidden friend from the group when the deadline is up. Individual person will know who their hidden friend is and suppose to buy a gift within our given budget and their wish list present. We were suppose to have this HFP near the Christmas but because Dawn is going to USA to attend her friend's wedding, so we bring forward much earlier. As usual, we had this party at one of the restaurants and after some food, we began our gift exchange. The game began with Gilberto and it go like this. He will describe the special or unique character of his hidden friend, then all of us will start the guessing. The right person will appear to receive the gift and continue the same thing.

One of the most pai seh (embarrassing) things that I remembered very clearly was when Dawn's HF, Felipe open his gift, a T-shirt to show everyone, all of them started to laugh. I am at lost immediately cos I was with Dawn when she bought this T-shirt, I found nothing funny about it. Only then I was told it was one of the patterns that couple do during intimacy, number 69. I found myself embarrassing too cos I didnt know about this.

Well, I received one nice low cut top from my HF, Beatriz. She was very worried that it might not suit my size. It turned out to be very fit and hee hee, I look great on it. Till today, Beatriz will always said I look so beautiful and sexy when I wear this to office.
This is the 1st time I had this kind of party and I enjoyed it alot. Hopefully I can have another HFP before I leave Brazil. Hmmmm, I should discuss this with the former organiser soon.

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