Sunday, October 29, 2006

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My Birthday 30 Dec 2005

One of my favourites day in the year, although a lot of people say that one will not keen to have celebration when age is caughting up but I still love to have my friends celebrating with me. A simple meal is good enough cos most importantly is to have a good chance for gathering.

This year is even more special cos it was the 1st time that I celebrating my birthday in foreign country and with so many new but good friends having fun with me. I remembered we only need to work half day (New Year Eve) so we went for lunch after work. They bought me my 1st most sexliest bras for my present birthday and........... amazing with the right size. Ha ha ha. I love the design and colour very much. Thanks to everyone up there!!!

Well also have to mention and thanks to my only special friend in Singapore who sent me a big bundle of flowers and teddy bear on this special day.

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