Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memory Flashback Begin Page 26

Angra - Boat Ride on 20 Jan 2006

Dawn woke up early in the morning to prepare us sandwiches so that we can have it during the day and Felipe came to Niterio to fetch us to Angra. After a long drive, we finally reach there and meet up with the rest, and my 'lover' Eric. (Remember the little baby that I fall in love during Frank's birthday).

It was my 1st boat ride experience (I always told my friends that I had a lot of 1st time experiences in Brazil) as I don't really like to expose too much under the sun. Luiz drove his boat around and we had great time in the sea. Dawn even persuaded me to jumped into the sea just for a second to feel and see how clear the water was. I finally do so with the floating (cos I don't swim well) and take a snap before hopping back to the boat. Later in the afternoon, another group joined us (Mauricio, Frank and their partners).

We went to Jason's apartment for dinner which both two nice men personally cooked for us, Roy and Jason. I am so grateful for their hospitality and we even stayed overnight at Rio's apt.

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