Monday, October 30, 2006

Memory Flashback Begin Page 51

Fiscal Island and Barra on 13 Aug 2006

FINALLY! We got the boat ticket to Fiscal Island as we went there very early to buy the ticket at only BRL 4.00 Although nothing very nice but it is good to have a look to see how the "Mickey Mouse Island' look like. Trying to imagine how the Majestry held the dinner in the century ago.

Then we decided to go for lunch. As it was Father's Day on that day (Yes, Brazil Father and Mother's Day are different from the world, even their Valentine's Day too!), so many restaurants are packed and we just drive further down and ended up at Barra. Settled down at a 3 weeks old restaurant for lunch, and of course taking some loving photos while waiting for the food.

The most interesting part of that day was, we were standing near the road watching the beautiful beach while a van, with a group of Brazilian men show us their ass. Zeon immediately take a photo to show how crazy they can be sometime.

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