Monday, October 30, 2006

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Parati 07 Sep 2006

260km away from Rio, after almost 5 hrs drive, five of us (CK, Jimmy, Zeon, KB and I) finally reached Parati.

Parati was declared Historical Heritage in 1958 and it still remains one of the most harmonious architectonic complexes in the country. The colonial houses maintain the characteristics of the city’s foundation in the 16th Century. And its streets – made of cobblestones – call the attention of those who come from abroad. Most of these streets have two names, one official and the other popular. The main attractions are in the Historical Centre, which covers practically the entire city, and which offers several places that are open for visitation, such as the old jail, a fort, museums, houses exhibiting arts and crafts, and churches. We took some photos in this little small town.

Then we drove back 5 hrs back again to Niteroi on the same day.

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