Friday, November 03, 2006

Do you know how to cook?

"Do you know how to cook?" Almost every new secondee has been asked this question when they first arrived, I am not an exception too. My answer is "No". And this has been quite a hot topic after 3 girls from Singapore (came at different time) does not know how to cook.

Why did I bring it out cause someone asked the same question again during our dinner yesterday.

I know food is the basic needs in our life and knowing how to cook is seems to be basic knowledge, especially like every woman suppose to know. But in today modern world where they are so many changes, isn't our basic knowledge in life changes too??? The impression I got from the 'uncles' here are "Why you young singaporean ladies does not know how to cook? How do you survive when you get marry one day?"

I am in doubt! Is it knowing how to cook one of the consideration when ones involved in getting married.

I know it is always good to have one more skill in order to survive well in life, but come on, my way of growing up was totally different from my mum's generation (I believe a lot of the new generation are like this). I was never taught how to cook good and tasty food (except those 2yrs in secondary school which I had completely forgotten) and I never like to cook! Beside, isn't it convenient to have good and cheap food (at least sometime it's cheaper than cooking yourself)in Singapore. Even now I am in Brazil, it is still easy to get ready-to-eat food as we have so many variety from supermarket.

Each time when this topic surface out, I keep wondering:
- Is it really that important to know how to cook? (When say cooking, it is not only how to fry egg or cook rice. Mean really cook good dishes)
- Will a woman become lousy wife if she does not know how to cook? If so, why can't man learn how to cook instead and become good husband? Don't forget, both husband and wife have to earn a living in today world.

Well, till now I am still a lazy bum who have no interests in cooking. But who knows, I might change one day.

So my friends, do you know how to cook?

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