Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Happy Happy!!!

Today is my happy day!

I am happy cos after 2 weeks of 'loneliness' spent, finally my kakis (friends) Jimmy and Zeon is back from their leave in Singapore. Also, they brought me the things that I had asked them to buy; especially a new brand PRESTAT chocolate which I saw it from magazine, and wanted to try it so much. So now I have Organic Dark Chocolate with Sweet Orange and 99% Dark Chocolate Bar with me, hee hee. This time I am ready to put on weight……I think it is worth it!

I am also happy cos my best friend, Jennifer has arrived too. Guess she must be still sleepy a lot at my apt right now…….zzzzzz…after such long hour’s flight. The first thing she said to me when saw me last night was “I am so tire”.

I am super happy cos with all of them around, it’s time to begin our outing plan in Rio. And in another 2 weeks time, I will be traveling with Jennifer.

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