Friday, December 01, 2006

Jennifer 1st Day in Rio

30 Nov 2006, bad weather as it has been raining the whole day but it is good for Jennifer since she has the intension to stay in the apartment to regain her energy and recover from the jetlab after long hours flight.

Too bad I have nothing much in my apt, not even any fruits too. I am suppose to buy more fruits for both of us but........... just didn't happen, hee hee, lazy me. So she can only have instant noodle for lunch.

But we went to Porcao at Niteroi for dinner, a good suggestion from Zeon and Jimmy that we should let her enjoy her 1st dinner in Brazil. So here we are at Churrascaria Restaurant and Jennifer is enjoying herself very much. She was so full that she keep saying "I am so full" after the meal.

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